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chau Leonardo Favio

Post by Arcadia » November 5th, 2012, 9:26 pm

he was a difficult singer to listen to (at least for me, but I´ve got an uncle who loved his songs, so...) and a very passionate film director.
I´ve only seen directed by him the somehow neorealist in glorious black & white "Crónica de un niño solo" (1964), "Nazareno Cruz y el lobo" (1975) based in a country mito in too full seventies technicolor style ... , "Gatica, el mono" (1993), well, I hate box but it was amazing seeing it then and the somehow lorquian "Aniceto" (2008), with so beautiful dance and dancers!.
I will watch "Perón, sinfonía de un sentimiento" someday, Leonardo, I promise ...! :) :wink:

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