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Gabriel García Márquez

Posted: April 19th, 2014, 10:16 am
by Arcadia
Moving to see such emotional boom in the farewell to a writer...! :)

A lot of people sure have memories of them reading his books, here are mine!:

The book "Cien años de soledad" was the first, let´s call it "spontaneous salary" that someone gave to me. I don´t remember exactly the year, maybe 1985 or 1986, the mother of a neighbord ask me to help her with a Language exam, I did it, she did it well and they gave me the book to me. I was surprised, I didn´t expect anything. And I began to read the book getting lost both with the atmosphere and the intrincated genealogy (that made me give up the reading and start it a lot of times). I reread the book ten years ago with with not so much intensity and wondering why was so difficult and at the same time amazing reading that book in those times. But the García Márquez Book in which I could literally get caught in another world while reading was "El amor en tiempos del cólera". I read it a few years after "Cien años...", almost eating it...! :lol: Thanks for that, Gabo!!!!!!

Here are some notes and articles remembering García Márquez and his books: ... 04-19.html ... 04-19.html

(on the right side of the last link you have more notes)