saturday, july 14th

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saturday, july 14th

Post by judih » July 14th, 2007, 3:00 am

It's been a week of moments.
long moments.
vacation from teaching means that i can do things in my own time. i can walk to school, let the perspiration evaporate while i drink coffee, journal. i can investigate marvellous personalities like Susan B. Anthony (fighting so hard to obtain the vote for women), Florence Nightingale, Mark Rothko, Pasteur, Einstein.
i can work with a friend to make a mind blowing centerpiece for our bulletin board " Making a Difference".
i can think graphics and glue.
i can do and i can not do if the techie is busy doing her stuff on our computer network.

There was a final matriculation exam to contend with. It has been done and successfully so. Students who failed during their first attempt, did brilliantly this time. They can leave school with a smile on their face to take them through the next few challenges.

i've said farewell to a friend who's clearing out of this kibbutz zone for the big city. She's alone with 2 kids and she's doing it with a smile.

Just yesterday, i was using her as my psychodrama character, as she was pregnant with her second, caught in a trap with a crazy, abusive husband. Now she's off to be herself in a new location. May that self find some expression, some healing.

And me?
i'm off to Canada on Tuesday. i'll be staying with my parents, 2 of my kids will be coming to see me. My brother will be in town (not in Japan filming) and my sister will trek up with her 2 kids. There will be a reunion.

i'll get to see whitebird and artguy (oh, hopefully - !)
2 weeks of another land. No gunshots in my morning background. No qassams or news reports. or constant fears of what's going on just beyond eyeshot over in Gaza.
No walks past our stables or past our newly harvested fields fast turning dry.
No beloved G for 2 weeks or my son busy at soccer practice. But still 2 kids and one by my side - it'll be a shakeup of emotions.

So today's Saturday. Pausing for reflection and rest. Salad and tehina day. Fresh espresso day.
and now off for a Saturday re-bed.

july 14, 10:00 a.m

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Post by WIREMAN » August 31st, 2007, 11:04 am

trips and flips and riffs
music jammin with the
young musicians here
at my place in Fredrock
on wednesday nights
recorded the last one
good energy and magic
thus far.......also when I
get together with jamie
and ralph to do the raga
blues thang it's been
right, only happens
every 6 weeks
or so but it is always
full feeling and the
audience loves it
wherever it goes down
jam is the edge, the
launch pad for flight........
me I feel like I'm becoming some kinda Kung fu t.v. Priest.....

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