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The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: March 20th, 2014, 12:54 pm
by still.trucking
day one
chapter one
from hunger

a quantified self
the devil is in the numbers ... mit=Search

A World of His Own
where he is all powerful
over himself

A world where life never ends
death has no fear
and I am who I pretend to be
a chip off the old crazy block
to think I can change anyone's fate
even my own

in my own world
my life is a twilight zone
where love is enough
Hunter S. still exists somewhere
over Judy Garland and rainbows
and all the folks going to get together
any time now it has been
14 billion years of hard travellin
to get here
and I forgot what happened before that
before the bang
but after the whimper
but my memory is coming back
vivid memories of another universe before this one
when there is peace and plenty

and true love

studio eight diet 417 words
calories -5

Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: March 24th, 2014, 11:16 am
by stilltrucking
March 24
I need a spread sheet
630AM cst +100
clean bathroom -5
GO -25

Can I fake it till I make it
if my knees can take it
strictly strychnine
from bad lsd
forty years ago come back to haunt my knees
mama warned me there would be
I can hardly make it out to the mailbox and back

Take out trash -10

Hacking back my body one keystroke at a time

[studio eight diet 3]

Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: March 27th, 2014, 12:59 pm
by stilltrucking
what if stalemate
lies of the church fathers
light dead stars billion years
muddy day
labels garden of Eden play
The Sea Wolf



march 17

March 18

march 19

9 miles 430 calories

March 20

1030 @ 700pm
5.6 miles 436 calories

March 21
530 AM
blood 97

no ride today

March 22
citation link to image on stories sleep less

March 23


March 24


March 25


March 26


March 28


March 30
I can't not be around or else that'd scare me to think up.
, “dreaming in league with God,”

April 1


April 2

7 miles

April 3

885 total at 830PM
5 miles

April 4

7 miles


lunch dinner with jerry
8 miles

April 6
9.6 miles

epigenetics semiotics and the mystery of the organism


got ride my got dam bike instead of sitting here thinking about food

M ... Sombra.pdf...

April 7

1325 at nine pm

April 8


April 9


April 10


April 11

"Droping out of sight" for a while

Posted: April 7th, 2014, 4:44 pm
by stilltrucking

Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: April 12th, 2014, 11:39 am
by stilltrucking

April 12
Look over yonder he's already coming your way jimmy dale gilmore
--. .. ...- . / -- . / - .... .- - / --- .-.. -.. / - .. -- . / .-. . .-.. .. --. .. --- -. / .-.. . - ... / .- .-.. .-.. / .-- --- .-. ... .... .. .--. / --.. .- .-. .- - .... ..- ... - .-. .- / .--- ..- ... - / .-.. .. -.- . / .-- . / ..- ... . -.. / - ---

Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: April 16th, 2014, 5:20 pm
by stilltrucking
April 12
5 miles

April 13
5 miles
April 14

5 miles
2 miles

April 15
5 miles

April 16
5 miles

April 17
4 miles

Happy Birthday my little rock and roller
your heroes were always cowboys
I remember how oblivious you were when your mom used to play tricks with your clothes, dress you in little girlie things cause it her amused
yeah Ernest Hemingway started out like that and lordy spare you from a fate like that
I pray you will outgrow that need in you to kill things, because it is fun to kill, a statement of your manhood

saddles and sagebrush the tyranny of words
google nietzsche's good news ... 21396.html

Oh the caretaker's daughter she lives near the Garden of Eden
She knows the name of each flower, she remembers which let you in
She spills the sky when she looks in your eye and her jasmine
A symphony heard from a mansion when the wind sweeps in between

She's a thief in the night and she's stealing for love you won't know it
He's a thief in the night and he's stealing for life you won't know it
He's already found you, his arms all around, you won't show it
Maybe one day you'll know more of, you'll know enough to say
Look over yonder he's already coming
Look over yonder he's already coming
Look over yonder he's already coming your way
epigenetics semiotics and the mystery of the organism

gotta get back to that as allusion to "Buddha genes"{studio eight search}

march 17, 264 — april 17, 247

lost 17 pounds in a month
big deal
still weigh more than big daddy lipscolmb and he was seven feet taller than me

got to ride my got damn bike instead of sitting here thinking about food
absolute obsession with my red ballet shoes, I can't stop dancing, I sit here typing so calmly as I starve. all the time hungry, builds character I have heard. Oh yes if it one more thing I need is more characters, I don't know what to do with all these people as it is.

M ... Sombra.pdf...

Det kunde ha varit värre. Jag har faktiskt haft tur. . . .

Posted: April 17th, 2014, 11:12 am
by stilltrucking
Det kunde ha varit värre. Jag har faktiskt haft tur. Om man jämför...
  • morning movies
April 17
"The Second Woman" Betsy Drake and Robert Young
Kissing scene on a cliff overlooking the ocean, how long has it been since I had a kiss with a woman. Longer than you would believe. Would you believe 34 years, and I hardly miss her at all anymore. But just for a moment, a few seconds watching that scene, I almost remembered what it was to feel alive. How it feels to hold a woman in my arms.

"The Key", William Holden
I remember Sophia oh god do I remember sophia

ten am and I ain't done nothing but clean the killer litter box.
five cats here

Thinking about a homeless woman on the run in her car and bringing three cats with her, kittens actually,

She makes the rounds always some man some where to take her in,
till she has to take it on the lam from another abusive relationship
the life and times of control freaks who are out of control because they need someone to control, they don't want to waste their gift on themselves.

Self control, ha, look whose talking
check it out 8)

My morning rounds in the hipster ward of the asylum for the terminally vain, insane, and brokenhearted.

what I do for a living these days I sit around too much reading and typing, I don;t eat much, and I try to distract myself from hunger, trying to sort through my bodily sensations, is it hunger, anxiety, fear, despair, what?
mostly something to do till it is time to eat again.
when I am sure it is truly hunger I am appeasing, existential dread
My dog is dead.
I remember a painting of a young girl in a white dress and a dog by her side, it was called "______ and Nietzsche" I can't remember the girls name, or the artist, but the dog's name was Nietzsche. "My life as a Dog", what was that movie about ?
Det kunde ha varit värre. Jag har faktiskt haft tur. Om man jämför...

George W. Bush is a hipster icon now and Vanity Fair is angry about it.
- See more at: ... 6Ye2G.dpuf ... air-angry/
NO NO NO NO WRONG AND NO 1:20 pm December 13, 2013
No, You Dumbass Hipster Dumbasses, George W. Bush Should Not Be Your New Hipster Icon

Read more at ... 64vycxp.99
I am going to unlock this thread when I lose another thirty pounds, i don't want to blow this diet. it could well be my last chance for a happy childhood again as I enter my post forlorn and rags Kerouac want to be phase.

Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: April 17th, 2014, 12:30 pm
by stilltrucking
lost meaning
fuck with it too much
read it over and over
edit and edit
and don't know what it says anymore
why should anyone care what I do in the morning

Only me, but my vanity makes me think someone else might

is the light suddenly brighter
yes the sun must have come out from behind
and now it slants through the blinds.

he has been throwing the word epiphany around lately, a nice word, a nice age 31,
I was such a fool at his age, how can I judge him,

Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: April 18th, 2014, 11:51 am
by stilltrucking
April 18

"I am not cruel, only truthful-/The eye of the little god," SP
Smoke and Mirrors

Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: April 18th, 2014, 11:45 pm
by stilltrucking
April 18
5 miles
long night
people who should be sleeping
are still awake
even me but it is
still quiet peaceful at 1030pm
drink one more cup of coffee
stay awake to see him safely to bed

my little rock and roller
nobody can tell him nothing about dames

Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: April 19th, 2014, 9:10 am
by stilltrucking
April 19
blood 83

Father figure
a boy can have a lot of mothers
but he only needs one father

Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: April 24th, 2014, 12:14 pm
by Unk
Who better than me
As if I could hold myself up as a role model for him

April 20,21,22,23
forty seven miles
how many words


Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: April 25th, 2014, 7:06 pm
by stilltrucking
hitomaro2.jpg (15.95 KiB) Viewed 2542 times
A strange old man
Stops me,
Looking out of my deep mirror

Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: April 26th, 2014, 1:06 pm
by stilltrucking
April 24.25
twenty one miles
riding twice as far
eating twice as much
nothing lost

losing touch losing count, not that I am eating more but that I am counting less
my best guess
maybe 2400 or less?

good, weight 239
naked except for drawers

does hilary clinton wear jockey shorts too
I used to be a boxer man myself
back when I still had balls

April 27
237 lbs
160 oats 160 roll lox cream cheese
320 at 730AM
6miles 9AM
170 dinner
100 fiber bar
25 jerky
60 soup
675 6pm

841 one hour studio eight?

tempus fugit pugit

April 28
5am 237# 74mg
180 omelet 710am
6 miles 8am
160 oats
6 1PM
12 total
16 miles
April 29
235.2, 74 mg 510AM
80 eggs salsa 6am
6.5 miles 8AM

out among the stars

Re: "manifest destiny" and such ...
by stilltrucking » Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:09 pm
I don't understand either. Sometimes it makes me doubt my sanity. A friend once told me if everyone seems crazy that is a good sign you are crazy. I suppose it is some comfort to know there are others who don't get it either. Not so lonely feeling.

thanks for writing

poets were once beat, or dead
now they type in text boxes
simple glory to wild freakout
adolescent gushing, absurd tendrils
a billion screams in the machine
spontaneous combustions of art
language and image
so what the hell can we do about it now , a sweet lament
among us litkick orphans
another absurd gushing appeal to tendrils of distant minds
as we try to find a way to carry on what we have lost

, the bulletin board software is so godamned linear you can't see the curves, the way the posts on different threads feed off of each other, the threads weaving together into strands of thoughts interconnected into a whole that is meaning full yet pleasing to the monkey brain..
always looking for patterns like being constantly stoned on acid seeing the uncanny all around me, trying to find the patterns in the abstract, a fractal-ized consciousness

this is just another scream in the machine
but I am tired of thinking about Camelot
not tired, depressed maybe. trying to find a way to carry on

that software worked for Levi but most of all it was the people who were attracted to his personality, a really beautiful cant, a lot like Jack, but jack was not a philosopher king, he liked the clowns, the mad men, not so rational

sorry mnaz,
a road adventure 8)
you do good work
if I had not liked it I would not have spilled my guts,

Have you ever done a search of your posts and look at the result for patterns>>>?
interconnections to other thread by other people?
You get a page of snippets which are sometimes interesting and related.
But that is probably just my vanity :?

I guess I still have that image of the litkicks threads in my minds eye when I post these random text boxes of mine.

sorry for the blurt
What pisses me off is being alive.
If I was dead I think I would be more content with things

Sorry sometimes I forget that we must stand by our words as if they actually mean something, all my friends are dead philologists it seems

I know the type, they love to play word games, it is all a lovely game, everything is beautiful in their beautiful minds, there is always room for doubt.

And they exploit doubt with their immaculate logic,

Always another side to the issue, on the other hand,
the invisible hand of the market place maybe.

What do I know, I am crazy.

I think it is all Freud's fault, he laid open our monkey brains to the behavioral engineers of Madison avenue and Wall street,
Ronald Reagan was the beginning of the end of freedom
the final victory of the organization man
The Century of The Self
is over
we live in its aftermath
it will be a time of peace and plenty for a few
for many austerity and adversity
but not so many
will notice
a gang of three
a personality cult
who am I to say
I belonged there like a pearl onion on a banana split :(
things are changing
and after the fire next time
we will be saying
these were the good old days

unbelievable good days
right here right now
on studio eight
not so good in the Congo
but pheffffffft,
nobody cares about that
it's the white man's burden
it is a terrible cross to bear
I don't know why I think about it even
have not seen a story on it in weeks
as if i have to remind myself of suffering when I am not suffering so as not to forget to pray to Jesus and play the lotto.
we live on the edge here, we are marginal people, men of means by no means
but king of the road jam
Re: april (!)
by zero_hero » Thu Apr 24, 2014 10:36 am
Freedom is in the wind
that caresses me
I go the way it blows ... omerhalder
living dangerously tavis film clip\

perpetual jam entropy and poetry ... channel=sb

Re: "manifest destiny" and such ...

epigenetics semiotics and the mystery of the organism

march 17, 264 — april 5, 251
April 29 240

April 27
622am 237 lbs 79mg

6miles 9AM

830 calories

tempus fugit pugit

April 28
5am 237# 74mg

1045 calories
16 miles

April 29
235.2, 74 mg 510AM
80 eggs salsa 6am
6.5 miles 8AM

out among the stars

New York City in 17 Syllables ... pe=article

Kindness|Poet’s Pick

On the 6 to Spring
two cops help a tourist whose
map is upside down
— Frances Richey, 63, Manhattan
Strangers, Commute

Subway circus act
Feats performed on silver poles
Jaded faces melt
— Alex Forbes, 56, Wingdale, N.Y.

Strange how fast night comes:
Silence, as I pass through you,
wide awake at dark.
— Kaitlin Duffy, 24, Brooklyn

morning Q commute
has the best smell of the day:
coffee and shampoo
— Vanessa Vichit-Vadakan, 43, Berkeley, Calif.

Beware the puddle
of indeterminate depth
that swallows boots whole
— Mary M. Suk, 44, Queens

Face seen across tracks,
We stare, and a train passes,
Face gone forever.
— Hillel Rosenshine, 14, Manhattan

subway to the beach
two strangers in the first car
comparing surfboards
— Jeffrey Rabkin, 61, Manhattan

Homeless gentleman
White cane seeks safe street crossing
Teenage boy takes arm
— Judith Smith, 79, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Re: The Studio Eight Diet™

Posted: May 1st, 2014, 10:36 am
by myrna minkoff