Oct 2006
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Post by creativesoul » October 10th, 2006, 5:58 pm

the tears were in my eyes
the voice told me that it was time
what time is it?
she asked a passer by
she looked up from with in her world
a face was there
with a familar smile
hey she said
she liked her
some how the glistening in her eyes
he had seen it
she had not really wanted him too
sadness had enveloped her
totaled her numbers
left her lost to the roar of the walls
the aroma of the food seemed to strangle her
she had to go to work
even though it
seemed hopeless
the debt
hiding from the repo man
talking to her friend
she did not want him to hear
she wanted to choose what he knew about her
she has lost the power of choice
the world had become his
and she was just a toy, an appendage, an extention
of his pleasure
his desires
she was locked out of the house
no one was ever home anyway
he did not realize that she had a plan
a way to leave
that sent her to a place where these things did not trap her
"I have no skills for this"
I do not know how to do it
I want to run far away
where I will miss you
and i cannot mask the flavors I taste
my wishes seem like a hoarse voice
in a darkened bar where I cannot get a drink anyway.
he asked her why her tears were there
she told him, I will never be enough for you
he says why do youn think things like that?
she cannot make it stop
naked and beautiful
he did not understand her pain
he looked at her like she was foolish
the cell phone rings and for a second
she is free
it is her friend
she makes a joke about how she is feeling
her friend says" he is so lucky to have you"
she says "I think you need to tell him that"
the tirade of social workers
and children left all over the united states
his felonies
she felt like the clean up woman
how do people do this love thing anyway?
what does it all mean? moments of comfort
mixed with the desire to die
stress just fries her potatoe
the televison is always on
he cannot hear her
she left a while agao after the first few fights
she has been floating"
like ice cream in a root beer float
she melted
lost to a brown water that does not mean anything
her cold melting white softness is disappearing
he does not even know
the whisper of her soft voice

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Post by jimboloco » October 11th, 2006, 8:56 am

as i cry in my beer
i wish i could see her
one more time
but i can't
and i won't waste a dime
but a penny will do
a wish for you
in a fountain of life
and a turn in the wind
to send tears and rain
to comfort
another beer
if you please.
[color=darkcyan]i'm on a survival mission
yo ho ho an a bottle of rum om[/color]


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