Separating fact from fiction, Bauer from Bush

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Separating fact from fiction, Bauer from Bush

Post by firsty » February 8th, 2007, 6:26 pm

Shh! It's not us, it's them. It's all them.

Are you watching "24"?

I'm watching "24". Always have. I love that show. Completely unrealistic heroism. Jack Bauer kicked a heroin habit in a matter of minutes with barely a trip to the crapper. His daughter managed to get kidnapped by every person she ran into. Theyve applied amnesia to a major character to develop the plot. People have nearly risen from the dead on that show.

It's really quite a bad program, really, but it's a fun escape, if your idea of fun is watching a mushroom cloud disperse over Los Angeles.

Anyway, ahem (clearing out the bats) — this season of "24" seems to be the culmination of those which came before. A small group of people in government and the private defense industry are actually setting off bombs in America, carrying out terrorist attacks on American soil, for the sole purpose (apparently) of being evil.

Or, more likely, for the sole purpose of reinventing America for their own personal and cashflow gains.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, which is why I dont buy my government's claim of an international "Islamic" conspiracy against America, exemplified by 9/11/01.

I believe that there are people out there who want to start wars with us. But, for the most part, they have a reason to. People dont organize like AQ is claimed to be organized, or like the various insurgents and real-life training camps of terrorists are organized, out of insanity, any more than Western militaries are organized out of some kind of insanity. Any more than the neocons in Washington and elsewhere are operating from insanity. It's time that we realize that wars are started by people of all kinds, and, more importantly, that all kinds of people are capable of engaging, even initiating, war.

What are America's enemies really so pissed off about?

Military intrusions, economic and social intrusions, etc., these are serious crimes in many places, for good reason. America may be the melting pot. But I'm not sure that too many other nations have bought into the idea that their nations should also be a melting pot. And, listen, please: It is perfectly reasonable, even expected within the holy confines of humanity, for people of a region to be angered at living in subhuman conditions, and to organize in order to fight those conditions. So when we talk about Palestine, and the reality that many of America's enemies are our enemies because of our role in that region, we must acknowledge that, regardless of religion or racism, it is reasonable that many are angered.

Claiming that our side is righteous and their side is not is to dismiss "their" sovereignty. And, by extension, it dismisses ours. If we demand that our enemies are inhuman, then we are inhuman.

Presidents, even Presidents of the United States, and all of their minions, on the payroll and off, die. So we are all human.

And, then, if all people are capable of war, then are we so advanced (setting aside, of course, evolution) compared to other cultures that we are incapable or even less prone to "evil" than other people?

We claim that our goals in the global dynamic are honorable. Pardon me, please. I do not see that. I can refer you to Kathy Kelly's recent interview at Democracy Now!:
There should be massive convoys of relief pouring into Iraq. And, you know, the amount of money that the United States has devoted to humanitarian relief not controlled by the US military is 0.01% of what the United States spends on war in Iraq. One man, Rafiq Tschannen, the head of the International Organization for Migration, said very ironically to me, “You know, if they just moved it up to 1% of that sum, it could even make a difference for US security,” because the people who are joining these militias are often young people who can't find a job. Iraq now has 50% to 75% unemployment. The only way to even get a pittance, a meager pittance of food and relief for one's family, is to join up with these militias. So it would have an impact on the security.

We arent even most concerned with honorable goals within our own country. Within these blessed borders, the same people who bomb children in the sake of democracy or peace are cutting funding for social programs, education, medicine, etc.

The idea that we are "spreading democracy" is pretty fucking vapid and offensive. We are not spreading democracy. We are turning the idea of democracy into something like an 80-year-old broken-tooth, farting, riotous and vulgar whore who no one really wants to be around. Spreading democracy is a theoretical idea, a spirit, a realm consisting of education, arts, culture and medicine. It is not a military operation.

Which makes our military operations, then, something else.

So, where were we? Ah, yes — "24". What a great show, I mean, really. If pop culture cant turn you on to things, and if you're still in doubt even after so many people are paying attention, and trying to help you learn, then I fear for your safety. Because it won't be long until this nation is under fire from within or beyond our borders.

There is a small group of people, Americans by location only, who are directing and benefiting from the deaths of Americans within our borders and beyond, and the deaths of people in other nations. Not for heroic purposes, not for democracy, but for personal gain. All military movements, personnel and equipment are strategic objects, as far as these people are concerned. And the same goes for civilians. It's happened before, in operations conducted by real, living people, with real, valid (though, without fail, tragically wrong) beefs with that person or this person. And they will happen again.

Jack Bauer isnt in any history books, so far as I'm aware. And Jack Bauer isnt dealing with real people in the real world. But dont let distance distract you from believing that what has been written in the books was somehow fiction. Granted, it often is, but not the bad parts. Usually we leave out the bad parts that really hurt us. Like the grim reality that it takes more than willpower to kick heroin or to run away from a heavily armed man in a remote underground hideaway (see "24", season 2).

But there are more than enough bad things that you have access to, which are real and happening in your lifetime. More than enough to show you what is really going on. Pay attention.

Evil does indeed lurk in the hearts of men. While you may complain in false heroic angst about those who continue to question (and demand more from) the "system", you must realize that these are not the people who are engaging, even initiating, war. And our enemies are not a romantic version of evildoers, they are deeply flawed and reckless individuals, but highly organized and driven, just like the people who are pretending to protect you, just as they maim and kill in your name.
and knowing i'm so eager to fight cant make letting me in any easier.

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