In our Brand of capitalism, everybody's a slave

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In our Brand of capitalism, everybody's a slave

Post by firsty » April 3rd, 2007, 11:55 am


Myles Brand, slave owner.

Florida sure has their shit together. It's a long time since they put George Bush in office, and people are beginning to forget that cardinal crime in favor of simply enjoying sports. It's easy to enjoy sports when hundreds of in-state high schools are acting as a farm system for Da thUgs, Florida and Florida State. Maybe athletes in Florida get their training running from alligators and hurricanes. There isnt much incentive to fight the voting fraud when capitalism reigns supreme.

I'm damn tired of capitalists lately. I know that libertarianism is making headway these days, but I dont care. I'm rooting for socialism to make a comeback. European capitalism has destroyed more cultures than all the religions combined. If you think beheading ambitious private contractors in Iraq is bad, think of your official government paying bounties for the scalps of children in New England less than 300 years ago, while the founding fathers of our beloved America were busy making their fortunes on land worked by the slaves who were lucky enough not to go into labor on the way over and be pushed overboard through the portholes of some rotting ship.

I stumbled onto some wisdom from Anita Thompson over at Owl Farm this weekend. I've been pondering the state of the war on drugs lately, wondering why in the hell the US government is interested in maintaining a multi-billion-dollar per year law enforcement venture that doesnt work, especially when so many of the lower class of Americans are finding themselves locked up on felonies and thereby out of the low-wage job market. But Anita pointed out that all the free labor that corporations are getting from prisoners is enough of a trade-off to keep the thing going, and this also helps the politicians hold onto their easy morality pitch to stupid Americans every election year. It's fucking ingenious, actually. I wonder if NPR is going to cover that part of the situation this week on their radio series on the 38-year-old drug war, something launched by Dick Nixon of all people.

I was back out on the road this weekend, so I missed most of the basketball events. I had picked Ohio State to win the NCAAs, but they lost to Florida, and now we have to watch Greg Oden play in the NBA, where he's going to be beat up and injured for most of his first three years, which is what happens to most artists who are just slightly ahead of their time. In Oden's case, he's ahead of his own time. He looks like he should be retiring from the NBA, not considering entering the draft as a freshman. But his muscle tissue knows the difference, even if his facial hair doesnt. What he needs is to be drafted by a team with the best doctors in the league, the best spa, and the best drugs.

Not that drugs can solve every problem. But when you're driving 10 hours at a clip, you tend to lose track of which white lines you're counting. Greg Oden is going to be doing a lot more traveling next year, and the NBA season takes as long to complete as John Kerry takes to order a burger and fries. One great thing about a medically-assisted cross-country road trip is that you dont have to stop for any burgers or fries. You can focus on the task at hand, getting from one place to another. A to B, or Z, whichever takes priority on any given day. Billy Donovan took his annoying coked-up kids from A to Z twice in two years, which is no small feat, and which puts him and his kids into the kind of extraordinarily elite company usually reserved for governmentally-connected businesspeople, like George Bush and Dick Cheney. They had two consecutive victories, as well, and make no mistake: their team was well-connected to the interstate illicit medicine business. After all, it was George Bush I, as director of the CIA, who was climbing out of small under-radar airplanes in the 70s, loaded with tons of Columbia's finest. And it's George Bush II who is orchestrating the destruction of small Afghani opium farmers in favor of the bigger suppliers, assisted by the young men and women of the United States military, whose parents were conned into voting Bush II into those two consecutive terms by promises of a specific kind of indignant morality.

The best thing to happen to the drug war is the involvement of American corporations. We have major medical rehabilitation centers whose occupants are often required by law to lock themselves up in a battle to save their lives from being arrested again for the same invisible crime they were arrested for in the first place. The drug war is a great distraction for getting lots of cash to law enforcement and the defense industry. And lets not forget the free prison labor, the same kind of bullshit attitude that is keeping even the staunchest Republican criminals from fighting too too hard against immigration, which is another perfect way of getting cheap labor.

The NCAA is full of free labor. Which is why Greg Oden needs to get his ass out of Myles Brand's exploitative brand of sport and into the arenas of real cash, health be damned, because there is always a drug for whatever ails you. Thats one thing that capitalism is taking care of for us.
and knowing i'm so eager to fight cant make letting me in any easier.

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