New Poem ... "If"

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New Poem ... "If"

Post by roxybeast » October 22nd, 2009, 7:49 am

by Beth Isbell ©2009

If wing-nuts ate grape nuts, and birthers gave birth,
To thin and too fat babes that could not be insured,
If oath keepers kept oaths about loving their neighbors,
And hate-mongering homophobes learned to love better.

If guns weren’t religious and flowers were weapons,
That killed all the hatred inside hate-filled zealots,
Love was the new torture and waterboarding was fun,
And disputes were resolved just with laughs than by gun.

If Fox News was best known for humanitarian views,
Instead of comparing Obama to the filth that killed Jews,
If Limbaugh and Beck preached out of love and not fear,
And the Dalai Lama and China could sit down for a beer.

If only tea-baggers’ tea was not such a strange fearful brew,
And all of Christ’s followers judged themselves and not you,
And if the conspiracy wackos and new world order cranks,
Could conspire with sane folks to slap some sense into banks.

And if all the world’s faiths could just agree all killing is evil,
And despite all our differences, that God loves all his people,
Oh, what a wonderful world might this soon someday be,
The day love conquers all hate inside you and in me.</center>

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