Pins removed 4/28

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Pins removed 4/28

Post by YABYUM » April 29th, 2008, 3:12 am

Get outta my hand!!!

today was long awaited. my appointment with the doctor was for one thirty in the afternoon. we were seen at three thirty. after a quick glance at the x rays, doctor decided that it was time to pull out the pins. i was very excited because my place of employment will not clear me for work until the damn pins are out. so the doctor puts on his sterile gloves, calls for his nurse to bring in his "equipment" and tells me a few bad jokes. i was a little nervous, expecting perhaps some sort of science fiction type devices and a needle for local anesthectic. to my enjoyment and sincere delight, doctor was given a very familiar tool in a sterile package that i knew well and just could not be afraid of. vice grips. however, there was no anesthetic to be given. this was my kind of doctor visit. no tubes. no needles. no monitors. no gowns. just straight up tool box barbarism. the first pin to go was the inch long pin sticking from out of my index finger. that was quick and completely painless. second was the two and half inch pin drilled through my hand. this was complete and total pain searing through my arm like burning shards of metal through my blood stream. in fact, he had to stop and go check the x rays again just to be sure he was pulling from the correct angle. 3 minutes, and two conversations with his nurses later, he re appeared for a second attempt. this time he was sure. i thought my fiancee was going to either pass out or hit the doctor with something large and heavy from behind. she held fast however, and the pin was pulled from my bone as if the doctor was arthur freeing excalibur.
there was blood. the pain vanished as quick as it appeared. i felt relieved. i was amazed that during the original, all encompassing wave of pain this man caused to travel through my body, that i did not react with loud profanity and/or a sizzling right hook square into his smiling face. i must be getting old.

so that horrid chapter of my life is over. according to the physical therapist...i should be able to have a great wedding and without any doubt, be able to hold my newborn with both hands. this coming monday i will go back to work for the first time since march 24. i have never gone this long without working at least one day. even when i was living under a bridge. making responsible choices such as choosing to work for a company whose benefits are above par, buying into my own private, secondary insurance, and choosing a women who didnt mind helping me button my jeans, cut my steak and shave my mohawk, were all choices i never thought i would see in my rear view mirror. i must be getting old.

on a last note...trying once again to quit these god awful cigarettes. currently on 50 plus hours without. i doubt it'll take until i actually have the baby at home. but it should be reason enough now. i feel so weak not being able to stop. i have put my mind to see complete many tasks that many men would surely have lost the sac to complete, and yet i cant fuckin stop smokin. (i almost wrote an entire post without using the "f" word. i must be getting old."

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Post by YABYUM » April 29th, 2008, 8:56 am

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Post by mtmynd » April 29th, 2008, 3:48 pm

now this is funny : "i almost wrote an entire post without using the "f" word. i must be getting old."

i am old and you read this weeks stream... :roll:

good luck on the smoking thing. there is no doubt that tobacco is the most insidious drug 'out there'... one that requires a fix several times daily if not more for the majority of smokers. I have done without since Oct 4 and i still have moments of fantasy where i'd give an hour or two of my life to smoke a cigarette... just one, goddammit!

but i can't. I shouldn't. I mustn't. One cigarette and like a fucking alcoholic, i'm back to smoking... and reducing my health exponentially. sure it's my choice.. who's else would it be??? there is nobody that can make you smoke but yourself... that little mind making it sound sooo good. But you (I, we) KNOW it sucks. Smoking is vile. Smoking is poison. Smoking is harmful to the sanctity of the body. Smoking is stupid. Smokers look fucking stupid standing out in the cold or out in the burning sunshine smoking because it's outlawed in every fucking place that a cigarette would have been cool to smoke in.

I had quit for five years several years back. But a friggin' cigar started me back on the road to cigarettes. Maybe if I make it to 75 I'll celebrate by buying a pack of Camel straights... maybe a pouch of Bugler and smoke myself to death.

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Post by Arcadia » April 29th, 2008, 9:57 pm

great that you survive the barbarian-traumatologists!!!!!!!!! :D and that now you´re whole for the wedding!!!!!!!! :wink:

good luck with the smoking-quitting, I stoped biting my nails last year and voilà!...yeah... I know there is no nicotine in nails...! :shock: :lol:

saludos to you & kitty!!!!!!!! :)

mrs. yabyum
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Post by mrs. yabyum » April 29th, 2008, 10:50 pm

that was terrifying. it was like the hand pin just didn't want to come out. i hope baby is more cooperative when it's his/her turn to exit the body.

i hope my pictures come out all right. sorry studio8ers, my cameraphone was full and i didn't have time to erase pix so i had to use the fisheye 35mm. i'll post those on my blog when we get them back.

as for the quitting smoking, i am so happy for you to be doing so well in making such a good choice for yourself AND our family. i promise i will try to make it easier for you. with brownies.

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