meet the grandparents-in-law 5/5/08

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meet the grandparents-in-law 5/5/08

Post by YABYUM » May 5th, 2008, 4:24 pm

"i been with her since before the hills were built"

this weekend was good times. we drove out to the coast so denese could get her hair "done". i always like returning to astoria. great food and just awesome beauty. finally my wife to be is back to natural blonde hair color. she went through a brown hair phase that i just didnt like to much. on our return trip, we made a stop in portland so denese could try on the wedding dress that her aunt is making, and also so i could meet her grandparents. (it is their house and property where the reception will be) when i walked in the door her granpa immediatly came from the living room, where he was watching the derby, to shake my hand and welcome me to the family.
his hands were like leather and his ice blue, german eyes had a look of strength and sincerity. he introduced me to his wife of 55 years (of whom the above quote was said about) he and i then went and sat in the living room while all the woman went to a secret chamber and fussed about the secret dress.

this man, Skip, is in no short supply of stories. many of you, who have met me, know that i am in no short supply of questions. i especially love listening to people who have lived through it all. at 73 years old, this man is telling me how he was outside earlier running the tractor and getting ready for a gravel delivery that he will spread across the yard so we can park cars. 73 YEARS OLD!!! he talked about working for american airlines for 36 years. he talked about beating cancer....TWICE. he told me stories about the many times he broke fingers or hands and never used pain pills.
he told me all about the family i was marrying into and how it numbers close to 80. (our child makes his 8th great grand child) i was not only amazed at how spry he was, i was amazed how sharp his memory. he was telling me stories that took place 4 decades ago, and knew names and colors and dialogue as if it were yesterday. we made jokes about the spoiled state of construction work today. (nailguns, roof loaders, safety harnesses) he even gave me great advice on being a husband. he also promised to take me out on one of his four fishing boats and teach me how to fly fish for huge trout. did i mention that deneses family seems to require that all males must hunt and fish like its religion. i have alot to learn from a guy who knows it all.

i can only hope to live 73 years. if i do, i pray to be like skip.

of course i couldnt see the wedding dress, but denese said it was coming along nice and that she was happy. if shes happy, i am happy. she keeps asking me what my opinion is regarding all aspects of the reception planning and i always say the same thing. "if it makes you smile all day and everyday when you remember the day, then thats what i want". its not that i dont care, i just want what makes her happy. all i wanted was for the grooms color to be JETS green. so the colors for the reception are some weird lookin pink and my JETS green. we even got m&ms for the guests that say ronnie and denese, 5/24/08. fuckin cute, right? thats why i dont try to come up with ideas. i never would have thought of that.

anyway....this is getting long. today i go back to work. hooray. i cant wait to fire up my saw and hear the sound of wood being cut. i miss the smell. i miss the splinters. i miss the paycheck.

have a good day. thanks for reading.

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Post by Dave The Dov » May 5th, 2008, 5:29 pm

Thanks for posting!!!! Best wish for the wedding!!!! :D
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