back in the saddle again.....6/3/08

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back in the saddle again.....6/3/08

Post by YABYUM » June 3rd, 2008, 6:08 pm

2 and a half rooms down 2 and a half to go

busy bee...busy bee...Our apartment is coming along nicely. pregnant wife is doing a fantastic job. our bathroom is so clean and organized, i contemplate eating off the floor, just because i can. our bedroom is so deliciously warm and cozy thanks to a few wedding gifts, such as a down comforter and jersey sheets. the new vaccuum is also a wonderful adition to the family. we may celebrate its birthday every year. last weekend i started construction of a pantry slash cutting table for the kitchen. until its arrival, we had an old computer table and an even older, uglier tv stand filling in as storage units. i have to say that denese sure can pick colors to paint things. i am happy to build to her specs and not have to choose colors for paint. hopefully this week i will finish the cutting table so we can call the kitchen finished. now its on to the overwhelming and daunting task of the nursery. when i look in that room i get close to panic attacks. so much to organize and decide where and what. and how and why. i have faith in us.

baby news.....lots of kicks. lots and lots of kicks. it makes me gush with unknown or even nameable feelings. i can literally watch her belly and see the little grommet punches through the skin. on certain occasions, denese will press and the sprout will press back. its awesome. everyday she gets bigger. i call her "prego" and sometimes i like to remark on her "waddles".

whats great is that she isnt evil. alot of guys told me that afte 6 months my wife will change from sweet mommy to be into an evil, horrible, irrational tyrant. so such metamorphisis. sometimes i say the wrong things and it causes some emotional overload, but i learn from this. i am aware of the lines to not cross, but also aware that the line is in the sand very close to the incoming tide.

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Post by mtmynd » June 3rd, 2008, 6:58 pm

great update! find time to keep on doing it. i enjoy them

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Post by judih » June 3rd, 2008, 10:02 pm

i bet those other guys are nowhere as fine as you. Who wouldn't be a devil with them? (kidding....hmmm)
happy fetal kicks to you.
i used to take one of i's feet and turn it to get it out of my rib - it's all coming back to me.
A cutting table will make any home a joy. Great that you're making it yourself. And as for the nursery, well, you don't need much - a crib, a changing table/dresser, a chair would be nice but not essential. I had a futon but those things are dangerous for pregnant folk - almost impossible to get up once you're down.

Making the walls cozy is a good thing to do - once you get the boxes out, you're 3/4 the way there.

keep blogging - this is great

love and good vibes to y'all

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Post by Arcadia » June 6th, 2008, 1:53 pm

lots and lots of kicks... well... it sounds healthy even though he/she doesn´t read and write (as we are used to) yet!!!! :lol: :D

besos to you & kitty!!!!!!!

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Post by aratsnest » June 10th, 2008, 10:41 pm

Ronnie, :D

I am so happy for you and a tad jealous that your life is falling into place while mine is still a tad wayward. It was great talking to you tonight. Your blog is great, don't stress it. Good luck with the "renovations" Denese is lucky to have a handy man for a hubby! I can also tell from her blog that you could not have found yourself a better match! I wish you all the best and am eager to check in on the two of you.

Best wishes,

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