all that is my back support.....9/26/08

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all that is my back support.....9/26/08

Post by YABYUM » September 27th, 2008, 1:30 am

good days and all around times spent and words and the word is and.

i look at the banner and i weep. in deed, in step, in action, i weep. Kari if you read this, i miss you as well. (shakes spears in the park)

a day is what we as a man or woman makes our breath to be our existence, it is our day.

crack of a can and sad eye of a lover, lookin into those we created.

i am always been.

i have always be.

deep inside i sit up on the low thoughts of those who took the high road with middle words like ronnie get away your eyes are too strong and your will intrudes my own.

so i sit on a chair tonite with a paid for it attitude all fine with my eyes yet i have now a thing of dual creation and she sits as so close, oh so fuckin close and yet i know that i am a man before i was i was a thought.

i was i was a thought of all the hers and in my dreams they haunt me so over and over go to god i sleep yet she grows and i be seetch her killing my own face to wake is hard like a snuggle

all the eyes are the me that they see and is the word i focus on an it hurts because i am so serious about what i say.

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