porn a graphic comp ass......10/3/08

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porn a graphic comp ass......10/3/08

Post by YABYUM » October 4th, 2008, 8:03 am

my favorite porn star is gauge

o how i desire my wife yet she sleeps
sleeps so sound yet at Rubys sound , my wife awakes
with my dick in hand i go stroke for stoke viewing paid for porn
i stop before i cum
i do this to myself because i want to fuck my wife
dress her in leather send her to those gorgeous knees
chain link bra sort of thing
pussy drips for me to taste
o how i desire my wife yet she sleeps
sleeps alone she does and i know a back rub wood have sealed the deal
i see my wife as thomas saw christ
i am gazed by her the same
first corithians thirteen thirty three
defines everyone except my wife
i wanna fuck my wife
the baby cries
the baby crys
o boo hoo
i wanna fuck my wife
we get so close and share cuddles like thoughts
in a bed built by two for one baby
four one agenda
sally girl just jumped on my lap
jack is hiding
he is like me
o how sally purrs
wet nosing my entire arm
its a scam
she just wants out
o how i wanna fuck my wife
the women still move me, insite me, inspire my cock
the women cant purr like sally girl
the women cant make a lunch made by my wife
the women cant touch my cock
my wife
my life
i wanna fuck

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Post by mtmynd » October 4th, 2008, 10:20 pm

i don't think you want to fuck...

i think you need to make serious love...

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