all the world is not a stage........10/14/08

Reality written.
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all the world is not a stage........10/14/08

Post by YABYUM » October 15th, 2008, 6:36 am

"do you wear perfume?"

the world is not a stage and no one is a player. the world is the world and we are what we make us. anarchy is always my belief. anarchy is a title with many definitions. anarchy, to me, is us. i think jesus the christ said it best, since he was or is written about to be, the first anarchist, "do to your fuckin neighbor as you would like your neighbor to fuckin do to you".

jesus the christ lived love. jesus the christ, according to text older than me, spread the belief that if we all just fuckin truly loved the idea of being alive and loved the idea that we had some things to share with the next fucker who was alive next to us, all things would level out. i believe the fuck in christ.

super visor. supervisor. managment. manage meant.

i am in a position in a corporation and i am scared.

money money money.

the jets are winning. ruby is beautiful.

let me tell you about ruby.

she poops. she barely cries. although i work so much and sleep so much because i must and i miss alot.

my wife is my hero and we are not strangers but getting close.

my first post to this site i was in montreal getting beat up by a woman.

i would not be able to do the job my love does with my love everyday.
i am able to do what i do and make it so fine ants shul lee that my loves stay at home.

never mind.

thanks for reading.

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Post by judih » October 15th, 2008, 6:45 am

you're welcome for reading you.

i could add that when a newborn pops into a couple's life, it's like doing a cut-up.

You take a photo that is relatively known, slice it up into fragments, toss it in the air and watch as all the pieces scatter into a totally new image.
Nothing's the same. Everything's different. Familiar pieces in a totally unfamiliar reality.

That's just how it is.
What's a person to do?
Look for the funny stuff- laughter helps ground a person.
Feel the love - love makes everything possible.
Try to keep doing the things you love, even if it's for a few minutes a day.
Keep a thread between that old photo and the new not-yet settled fragments of photo.

Life is change. Now it's time to deal.


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