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Post by YABYUM » November 4th, 2008, 7:39 am

i miss writing. i miss the solemn discontent of the road.

i am still the same yet so much has changed. i have responsibility.
i have bills, a wife, a child, and a job where i am totally depended upon by people.

i cannot walk away from what i have made.

this is new. this is odd. i am not scared. i am busy.

i still drink a many more beer than those who aren't my wife would even guess. i am a ghost visible to everyone at work. i am a "boss"

since the birth of Ruby i have been altered. since i saw her brought to us through the portal of creation, i have not faltered.

i go to her room, i watch her sleep. she is the beauty i exactly made her for. she kicks, scatters her eye lids. i know love.

i hate going to work, i would be soul happy on a bus or train or passenger to the nearest town. i havent caught a wave in three years and its killing me so softly.

but i cant. i cant drop material things and run. i am a husband, father, a real man of responsibility. i love my girls. i am a good boss.
on all levels, the keeper of people bouncing chaotic ignorant.

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Post by stilltrucking » November 4th, 2008, 8:04 am

Nothing to do with you
but you got me thinking of the lonesome traveller
the proto typical dharma bum

so many beautiful words
I used to be saddened by
the story of his daughter Jan Kerouac if Jack was memory babe she was the "baby driver"

I used to call her Iphigenia after the charcter in Homer's poem about troy I think.

a daughter sacrificed to appease the gods, kind of like the Greek version of Isaac I suppose.

Sorry for the ramble

speaking of dates
the thirty third of august, I always like that mickey newberry song but I can't find a version I like.

I am looking forward to November, the time change is still throwing me for a loop.

Not much I can say that relates to your post, I am a tumbleweed, a brother and an uncle as close as I can get to not leaving.

but down deep
or is it far off in remote consciouness

the road was my life for so long

so long

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