traveler from the blue

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traveler from the blue

Post by winddance » March 3rd, 2024, 12:24 pm

glad to be here. I live in the pacific northwest, retired from library, like to camp, play ukulele and write small form poetry. have husband, cat 13 grands and 2 great grands and a beautiful place to live. moving to studio 8 from arcanum Cafe because with judih gone it's a ghosttown there.
I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach 10,000 stars how not to dance.
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Doreen Peri
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Re: traveler from the blue

Post by Doreen Peri » March 3rd, 2024, 6:09 pm

Welcome, winddance!!

Studio8 is very slow too, especially after losing Judih. She’s been an active member and an administrator here for 20 years. What a tragic loss!

I look forward to reading your poetry! Thank you for joining in!

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Re: traveler from the blue

Post by sasha » March 4th, 2024, 7:49 am

Hey, ya made it! Welcome, traveler - lots of good stuff here. Still feeling the aftershocks of October 7, but things are starting to move forward. Nice to see you here!
"Falsehood flies, the Truth comes limping after it." - Jonathan Swift, ca. 1710

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Re: traveler from the blue

Post by saw » March 28th, 2024, 8:57 am

Welcome aboard breaks my heart every time I read old posts by judih.....she was a wonderful artist and a person.....she was always encouraging to all those who were involved here.....and cannot be replaced

There is a small group of loyalists here.....Studio 8 is homey to me.....It's been an important place for me to know exists

It's great to have you here......we are trying to keep this thing going......
If you do not change your direction
you may end up where you are heading

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