What I Think God Is

by Barry
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What I Think God Is

Post by Barry » October 7th, 2009, 10:58 am

What I think God Is

It starts with one individual consciousness, which has surrounding it, emanating from it, a dipolar field, like the magnetic field around a magnet which can be observed by holding a magnet under a piece of paper and sprinkling iron filings on top.

This consciousness comes into proximity with, is joined by, another consciousness, with its own unique but fundamentally similar field. When the two discrete units of consciousness, DUCs, come close enough, when the fields intersect to a certain degree, the lines of force join to form one field, if their poles are appropriately aligned. Inherent attraction/ repulsion properties will cause this alignment to take place if the two DUCs are brought together with sufficient force under controlled conditions.

This is the underlying principle I see in operation. (I know this is nothing revolutionary. I mean, Chakra theory, right?)

Now extrapolate from this more and more DUCs being brought into proximity with each other, from immediate family or house-mates through extended family, school, work, church, region, nation-state, all the way up to a planetary scale, the field becoming larger and more all-encompassing until it includes all the DUCs on a given planet. Then take it to the scale of the solar system, then the galaxy, the local group, the super-cluster, all the way to its logical conclusion in one overall field of consciousness that includes all the DUCs in the universe.

This is what I think God is.

I believe that we, the DUCs, are the field. We are the generators of the field. We, in this paradigm, are the god. We create the god. The god comes from and is inside of each one of us. Again, nothing revolutionary here. To me it fits right in with what a great many religious and spiritual and metaphysical traditions, both eastern and western, have been seeking to illuminate since the dawn of time.

Physician heal thyself.

Judge not lest ye be judged.

If you seek, seek inward.

God is inside you.

In our own image we will make him.

It's all in your head.

Thou art God.

Etc., ad infinitum

Truly, because we, the DUCs, control both the conditions and the force with which we are brought together, we are God. And if we would seek God, we would find him most assuredly within our own selves, our hearts and minds, within the individual discrete unit of consciousness we each carry. Which "God" has been telling us all along, the way I read many of the texts.

Everything points in this one direction...

...toward the center.

(At this point in my notebook there is a drawing consisting of eight arrows converging on a center, an eight-sided star formed where the points touch, with the letter U in the middle.)

What I/you/we think, God is.

This field is present whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.

When we as a species can accept this, we might be ready for admission into the wider community beyond our merely sub-planetary-scale consciousness thinking now.


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