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Post by Barry » October 10th, 2009, 7:09 pm

<center>you would-be judges : we would-be judges
who sit in judgment
will be judged before you/we will judge

the Teacher said it first and best
and last
a voice out of the past

man or myth none want to believe in
because it was Truth

All think they Know
the Right and Wrong
of the Other

each thinks they alone can judge
the Heart, the Mind
except for their own

you stand at the mirror : we stand at the mirror
look behind you : look behind us
say, “You are faulted”

but your own eyes : but our own eyes
do not see
your own eyes : our own eyes

your own image you overlook : our own image we overlook
your own judgment : our own judgment
we reflect

casting stones around
you ignore : we ignore
the stones landing at our feet

you peer into windows : we peer into windows
of your neighbors : of our neighbors
our own blinds kept tightly shut

you search outward for blame : we search outward for blame
ever outward
not finding inside what we seek

for your own crimes : for our own crimes
our own sins
you punish the other : we punish the other

find absolution in blame
compound guilt with grief
ignore the truth you/we will not see

you judges : we judges
who sit in judgment
as you/we judge, you/we have been judged<center>


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