The Off-Script Society

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The Off-Script Society

Post by goldenmyst » May 5th, 2019, 12:08 am

The Off-Script Society

Today the grass is green and the women who keep me company show me their summer ways with sunshine smiles and June dresses. A single-lens reflex camera is slung over my shoulder to keep my three women always in the apple of their youth. We cross from the college campus through the gates of the military academy, closed long ago. But the call to arms is so far away from our sun touched shoulders with the gentle sway of women.

I begin to take snapshots of our entourage as the women march like an army of peace. Mandy says, “Hey, what will you do with those pictures?”

Gabby says, “Maybe he’ll blow them up and hang them in his bedroom.”

My true love, Valerie, joins the conversation, “Hey, I better be the only wall decoration in your sleeping room.”

Mandy says, “Maybe he’ll invite us over for a slumber party and we can see those poster sized pics of us for ourselves.”

My darling Valerie laughs. “We’ll see if he can keep his cool sharing a bed with three women.”

“Of course we four can be bunkmates for a night. Valerie, don’t worry, I’ll keep my hands to myself. I am Batman and you are Batgirl. We were secretly married in the bat cave.”

“Since I’m Batgirl, you didn’t need to buy me an expensive wedding gown. You decked me out in latex.”

“Though to the world, we are only partners to fight crime in our hearts we are husband and wife.”

Mandy says, “Batman, we’ll tickle tease you until your cape falls off from your wiggles.”

Valerie says, “Forget about levers moving the world. A woman’s fingers can turn a brat like him into a puddle of giggles.”

I reply, “This camera has gotten me into trouble. I think I’ll give is a vacation for now.”

Valerie says, “The sleepover thing sounds fun. Let’s give it a whirl.”

Mandy says, “We’ll have a pajama party. John will wear his PJs and we’ll be Aphrodities in our nighties.”

Valerie says, “What movies should I line up?”

Mandy replies, “We’ll be the actor and actresses in our own movie with enough plot twists to get us in the mood.”

Valerie asks, “In the mood for what?”

Mandy says, “To be surprised.”

Valerie replies, “I love an unpredictable movie with multiple possibilities for an ending.”

Gabby says, “I’ll bring the popcorn.”

I say, “Our own cinematic production and without a script I presume.”

Mandy says, “We’ll call ourselves the off-script society.”

Gabby says, “Where are you, ticklish boy?”

Mandy says, “Let’s just let our fingers give him a full body work over until he laughs. We’ll start under his arms and work our way down.”

Valerie says, “As his girlfriend, I can give you some clues unless you two want to be surprised.”

I say, “Hey, I am taken.”

Valerie replies, “Now, that is my man.”

We make our way back to the former high school turned two-year college. I feel fresher than since my own high school years when a kiss was on the cheek and the future was a continuation of secondary education but with the new and exotic spice of adult romance.

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