Finest man I ever knew and I got his spittoon!

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Finest man I ever knew and I got his spittoon!

Post by eugeneherman » January 11th, 2011, 12:19 am

My fine uncle Buhbuh, I named him... He named me... I was scheduled to be born on the birth date of Edward Everett Williams... November 5th... I got in on a November 6th date... As self endearing parents all do, I was named Eugene Herman Mueller III (namesake, claimstake etc.)
... 'Buster' E. E. Williams would not call me "eugene' OR 'lil' buster... but he took me as his own, in heart... When he finally could muster the breath to utter a reference, he said 'that's my buddy "Butch" ' Since at the early age of not being able to talk kinda, my first word was 'Bubu'. Well he taught me drive stick shift Chevy pickup at 8, ( steering wheel and shifter only on a cushion as he worked brake and gas pedal from his left side boot... } Conversations on mechanics, society, rabbit tobacco, gotta take care of & be sweet to those angel women and general spitting out a window technique were great things to talk about... Just a great guy, just sayin'... Thinkin' about him today... I just might take that spittoon bell and mount it on a saxophone...

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Re: Finest man I ever knew and I got his spittoon!

Post by zero_hero » January 11th, 2011, 12:06 pm

I got no ear for music but even I could hear that

nice written.
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Re: Finest man I ever knew and I got his spittoon!

Post by Lightning Rod » January 11th, 2011, 3:55 pm

Nice riff, Butch

I've been meaning to call you but I can't keep up with the phone.
Let's get together and take a bus ride some day then the temperature isn't an issue.

Go to the Audio forum and check out Lrod/Gremillion tune.
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