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perpetual jam!!!!!!!!!

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 8:32 am
at our finger tips.....perpetually
"GO!"...the power to "JAM"....
any time of day or night, when
the feeling hits ya just right
all ya gotta do is click it on &
hopefully someone's gonna
join on in and the word will be
long gone, riding the cyber waves
creating a lil bit of that old purple
haze, right now that 2-way radio's
ringing in my ears, but if any of ya
wanna jam?.....just let meknow when,
I'll be right back here..................wired

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 11:59 am
by stilltrucking
Buddha tells me I am lamp unto myself
Jesus Christ is An Answer to Job
A recovered memory of my future
No theology
Just the faith of a heretic
Jung died on June 6, 1961. His last recorded words were, "Let's have a really good red wine tonight."

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 12:09 pm
vultures at the bar
swoopin' down thru
the old bone yard.

vultures on the street
layin' back waitin'
for that treat.

sittin' up high in
a big oak tree, don't ya
know Jack, they damn
sure ain't gonna worry
wired me.

straight at ya from the
corner of Wolfe and
Orleans streets, in the
city of the charmed..............

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 12:33 pm
by judih
ragged throats hungry for pickins
it ain't me babe
i'm no california sunshine
key lime has left the building

vulture go home
wait for some fine decomposed vittle
to fall onto your plate

it ain't me

Genesis Angels

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 1:51 pm
by stilltrucking

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 3:05 pm
good old Mt. Hozameen
who's the grand daddy
my brother is the Matty
from Cincinatti that you
all heard, the whirling
thunderbird, dervish with
a great big smile, chain'
those vultures away
sending em packin', to the

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 5:33 pm
by hester_prynne
vulture culture class,
beaks to the screen,
tangerine dream,
spread eagle jam,
highbrow ma'am
in a world of spam
I am what I am

Toot toot!

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 5:40 pm
by stilltrucking

picture source here

Cut me loose let me fly
after all these years
I am still alive....(jitterbug)

Talk about what used to be
waste another day
hustle on the east coast
for your west coast fair
trying to get to someplace
but you don't know where
going through the motions
going nowhere fast

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 5:42 pm
the sounds in tune
the jumpin' over the
moon...and ya said
that night you sang
the blues, and all you
wanted was to do it
more, all you gotta do
is open the door, let
awesome words breathe
take a crowd and leave em
beggin' on their knees
it's all inside of you, the only
thing ya gotta do, is sing
those BLUES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 5:49 pm
it's a perpetual "JAM!"
don't you know we
never did need a plan
nor a starting time to get
a rhyme goin'....fact is it's
continually showin'...I mean
the break on thru....the castles
in the sands.....livin' like a
rollin' stone and playin' in the
band, it's a word ocean in which
we swim...let's keep it going way
past when the lights begin to dim...............

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 6:31 pm
by hester_prynne
the lights go dim
but my vision is clear
I'll blow my blues
down anyone's ear.
I'll pull your black heart,
clear out to here,
a cheeky little ditty;
your very own mirror.

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 7:41 pm
blowin' my mind out
Marine Band....Hohner
style, bending notes
wade in the water
wade in the water...
children.....takin' it
high, slidin' it lowin the
key of A I play, at the
end of one of those beatific
get aways, riding out past
Mars, roundin' Jupiter and
headin' for the stars.................

Posted: December 2nd, 2004, 8:45 pm
by Glorious Amok
i'm heading for the stars
that don't sit on barstools
shooting the moon down
for being a fool
i'm taking a stride
down independence highway
it's time something in this world
began to go my way
got a suitcase full of
these old empty promises.

Posted: December 3rd, 2004, 12:02 am
by judih
i'm unpacking this loaded heart
spreading it out over the still-warm quilt
unrolling my thoughts, beliefs, circumstances
hanging up my plans
starting to move in to this body
walk around and feel at home
i'm just getting settled

hey mr. roomservice
send up a fast hope
i'm in the mood

Posted: December 3rd, 2004, 4:32 am
cold cold cold.....
cold cold coldddddd
freezin'.....yas it was
freezin' cold in that hotel
sendin' up some lil feats
and dixie chickens, your
server will be the Howlin'
Wolf, and he'll even come
in and beat the floor with
some of his smokestack
lightnin', and for dessert
I'm a sendin' a Leadbelly
with a dvd of Satchmo
blowin' em away on the
Steel pier Atlantic City circa
1965, ain't no jive......................