Ginsberg Class Improvised Poetics part 1 July 1988

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Ginsberg Class Improvised Poetics part 1 July 1988

Post by stilltrucking » July 6th, 2012, 8:14 pm

Reviewer:Blank - - October 8, 2007
Subject: "First thought Best Thought" advanced class
This is a really fascinating class with some uncommon explication of "first thought best tthought". First, he refigures "first thought" not chronologically but in terms of the uncensored vividness of the mental image. Second, he stresses the importance of a motif, some kernel of thought/feeling, upon which associations (first thoughts) are riffed off of. Although Allen tosses off these thoughts casually, I don't remember seeing the motif idea often expressed in interviews/lectures (for example, usually when he describes this, he tells folks to "look out the window" and first-think, instead of summon some kernel of thought/feeling and first-think.)

0:00: Heaven Earth Man poem exercise
"Heaven Earth Man Haiku
1 Minute Meditation Outside Class: Heaven or Sky
1 Minute Meditation Outside Class: Earth or Ground
1 Minute Meditation On Seat: Human, In your Head
3 Part Short Poem
Waking from thoughts (Ground) (Sensation) (Heaven)
"Catch yourself thinking"
What's the situation (Path) (Recognition) (Earth forms)
What's your reaction, comment (Fruition) (Reaction) (Man)
"Give me a for instance"
"Form follows function"
"Form is never more than an extension of content"

Extended Heaven Earth & Man, 3 line poem
One Ground -- Heaven
Two Paths -- Earth Forms
Three Fruitions -- Man"

23:00: Visualization Poem
"3 Verses each one sketching panoramic landscape visualized
each verse one breath long.
4th verses ending the quatrain - an afterthought, zigzag from nowhere, a switcheroo or capping verse."
42: Kerouac's Essentials of Spontaneous Prose and first thought thoughts
1:03:00: Cliches and laziness
1:05:00: Neal Cassady's thought recall talent
1:10:00: Writing on a motif a la Keroauc, Cezanna, Jazz
1:14:00: Iambic digression funny Allen improvs (mention of rap)
1:16:00: State of mind that you need? A yoking motif! AG talks about his quasi-list riff poems. Ann's list poems and Corso single word title association poems. ... 988_88P045

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