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Wanted (reprint from General Discussion)

Post by e_dog » November 15th, 2004, 5:11 pm

have an awesome idea for two photo-collage, very simple with a very sharp political component. (two compositions planned, an indefinite number in the series are possible depending on ideas development.)

NEED someone with one of the following:
1) advice on how to get a photo editing software like adobe photoshop either free or cheap.
2) someone who has such capability and is willing to do the editing in collaboration with me under my direction. if you have the technical capabilities and know-how this should take you a few minutes, but the images produced could be legendary, destined for free distribution on net. PERSONAL requirements: dislike of the bush administration and in particular rumsfeld, the secretary of war; working knowledge of 1980s pop children's cartoons is beneficial but not a requisite. private message me through this forum if possible to discuss further.
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