Links to Over 5,000 Free Guitar Backing Tracks!

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Links to Over 5,000 Free Guitar Backing Tracks!

Post by roxybeast » January 15th, 2010, 10:38 am

<center>Links to Over 5,000 Free Guitar Backing Tracks!
by Beth Isbell, January 15, 2010
I spent a lot of hours going through pages & pages of google searches to find the best free guitar backing track sites. These are mainly for blues & rock music, but some contain jazz, country, even reggae tracks. I personally visited every site & pulled up tracks to make sure that every track & site is actually FREE! All together these sites contain over 5,000 FREE guitar backing tracks in virtually every style & tempo ... have fun! :)

<center>Best Free Guitar Backing Track Websites:</center>
Love this site - LOT of blues backing track mp3s of song you know & get played at jams & bars ...
lots of blues, classic rock & jazz songs, & some other styles - NOTE all the links/artists listed on the left side of the page pull up as mp3s, but all the links/artists on right side of page don't - they say you can download as WinRar (don't know what that is) & download sites don't seem to work, but still a LOT of really cool tunes as backing tracks to select from from the mp3s that do work!

Several pages worth of free blues back tracks at this site, mainly blues & rock, also bass & drum jam tracks, just click on play guitar 01, play guitar 02, etc., & each page has about 10 songs each ... so LOTS of free tracks to work with & choose from ...

This one has all styles of free backing tracks w/ rhythm charts for each track ...
includes some nice & interesting progressions ...

This one has quite a few free blues & blues-rock oriented backing track mp3s ...

This is the ultimate site for free backing tracks - I've got the first page set on letter A, but just click on any letter to see who they have listed for that letter or just type in an artist or song name ... Also really easy to download tab from the same page you're listening to the backing track ...

This site has almost 50 free Jimi Hendrix backing tracks! ...,_Jimi.htm

This is another ultimate free backing tracks site - over 3,000 songs organized alphabetically by artist! Note-a lot of these tracks are bass & drums only, without rhythm guitar, so harder to play to ...

This page has a lot of Stevie Ray Vaughn backing tracks, but download only, no on-line versions ... aughan.htm

And this is the main free backing track related to the one above - with lots of artists available ... but download only, no on-line streaming versions ... free on-line lessons posted too!

This you tube site has 50 or so free backing tracks uploaded - blues & rock ...

This youtube site has about 35 or so free backing tracks uploaded ... he also says he has a 1,000 backing tracks he'll send you if you e-mail him ...

Really nice jam tracks here - including black magic woman - all the tracks followed by a green letter "F" are free, but you have to pay $3/mo fee to have access to all the other tracks listed ...

This page has at least one free blues jam track mp3 in each letter key ... ... am-tracks/

Free backing jam tracks in several different styles - pick a style & it plays track, but then you can also hear the same track in different keys - has notes & tips ... but only one song per style, but cool that you can change the key of the song ... ... st/styles/

This page has about a dozen free blues backing tracks ...

A few free blues tracks of classic songs here, but not a lot, but has some blues lessons & theory info too, ... NOTE - you have to hit download arrow to get full song/backing track to play ...

This page has about a dozen free backing tracks - bluesish - jazzy - rocky ...

This page has 15 free blues backing tracks you can download for free ... ... tracks.htm

This page has about 9 free backing tracks (one for each mode) - and more that you can buy ...

This page has about 8 free backing tracks plus a variable speed drum machine (click on bpm) ...

This page has about 15-20 free backing tracks in various rock & some blues styles ...

Some free downloads available here, with tab, but download only, mainly rock - various styles, ... but this is primarily a pay for download mp3/tab site, but these particular songs are free ...

This site is NOT FREE - but you can order some pretty high quality jam tracks CDs blues & rock

This site has 100s of free mp3 backing tracks - you do have to register first, but it is free & pretty easy (select name, give e-mail & select password) to do so ... lots of rock & blues tunes ... but then you have to post a message in so many forums every so many days to access the list of backing tracks (I hate when they play those kind of games, but it is free I suppose)


Some more free backing tracks for individual songs I found on-line ...

Free backing track for Pink Floyd - Shine on You Crazy Diamond

Free backing track for Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb
http://www.musicdownloadinstrumentalson ... tracks.mp3

Free backing track for Pink Floyd - Money ... _money.mp3

Free backing track for Slow Jeff Beck style blues

Free backing track for Little Wing (sort of fast version) ...

Free backing track for SRV Riviera Paradise ... radise.mp3

Free backing track for Eric Clapton - Key to the Highway ... ghway.html

Free backing track for Eric Clapton - Lay Down Sally tracks -Eric Clapton- Lay down Sally.mp3

Free backing track for Aerosmith Walk This Way

Free blues backing track Texas Blues style in E Style 1 en E -.mp3

Free backing track in ZZ Top style ... ... _Blues.mp3

Free backing track - Second line blues ... ... _Blues.mp3

Free backing track for Dire Straits Sultans of Swing ... AhofOE5txs


This is an interesting concept & I have heard friends talk about it - this program allows you to actually slow down mp3s to half speed but at the original pitch - to allow you to learn solos/riffs ... costs about $60.00 to order, but you can sign up & receive a free download sample program that works, but has some limitations. I'm not recommending this program, but think it might be worth at least checking out & if it works and you can drop the $60 they require, then cool ...


Finally, if you know of any other sites that contain free blue or rock (or other) backing tracks, then please leave a reply with the link below or e-mail me at or find me on Facebook & send me a message ...

I'll check it out & if it is free with no strings attached, see about adding it to the list.

Thanks & hope you have fun jamming to 1,000s of free tunes!!!

Beth Isbell

My Main Music Site:


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