Speak loudly for the Poetics

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Speak loudly for the Poetics

Post by mtmynd » July 7th, 2019, 12:18 pm

~-Consistency is Limiting~

Predefined patterns hold no sway. The natural flow is random, seeking the lowest level - watercourse way floods ....into depths of mindflow.

Why do we pretend at living when the pretense is but an illusion begging for permanence in a world of change while the utterances of madmen disguised as saints permeate the vestibules of our silence, disrobing the confidentiality of our own fragile sanity? Succumb to the inevitability of light/dark as a necessary friction, sparking our lives into being...one big mass of life dry docked at the harbor of the planet earth.

Life sustains itself thru itself... predatory tactics of survival allowing life to live off its own energy....self sustaining globular mass of atomic structure trying to rationalize the waste of its own reflection which is just fear thinly disguised as the essence of all imagination.

We will no longer be except what remains to be seen. What have you left behind to assist life in its survivability? We chance not the future that never is ours but hopeful reckonings of perpetuity for all that we have arisen from. Eternity is the faceless reason for our discovery to accept and become one within celebration.

Any questions? Direct all within.

Cecil B. Lee
Allow not destiny to intrude upon Now

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Re: Speak loudly for the Poetics

Post by mnaz » July 11th, 2019, 11:34 pm

If we don't who will? We get a nice jolt, this tiny window on eternity and energy no doubt..

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Re: Speak loudly for the Poetics

Post by sasha » July 12th, 2019, 10:48 am

overtakes us all...
the miracle is
the meantime
I'm not an outlier. I just haven't found my distribution yet.

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