For my mother’s eyes

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For my mother’s eyes

Post by creativesoul » July 13th, 2019, 5:00 pm

The sun came up
Thankful that my life is -

As a child she used to come in and open the shutters and sing about bluebirds
I more than likely had found a flashlight
And read a book

These days of wine and roses
How I wished I would be beautiful
Like my mother

But I knew her secrets
And I was large and strong in a society where anorexia is a nice look
And colliding with Barbie doll babes for 15 minutes of fame
I took to puzzles of life in library style
I hitch hiked I married a Cajun drummer
Mama did not like Clyde
She wore orange and green to the wedding
Her husband my 1st husband said” ate about ten apples “
My friends from the stereoscope bakery of Tahoe city@ “that time I just did not understand “
Nectar madness was accross the highway

People sang like there was no tommorow in al the bars
It’s cold 💤people drank like fish
I traded ceramic flutes for Rolfing massages
I lost that husband( I took off running)
But I went to New York City
It was that song.. “if I could make it there I could make it anywhere”
New York City was not pretty for me-
Dancing during doing drugs
My mama did not like me like that
I never could explain it to her
What I saw
Recently she told me I told her friend her elbows did not match her arms- I was 4

- I’m sixty one and my mother is fragility - what she tells herself I don’t know- but I have never felt I reached her..
those high emotions sometimes tweak me out
Like those moments have come on where someday she may not know me—
reason is over rated, as is logic and common sense-i much prefer the passions of a crazy old woman, cats and dogs and jungle foliage- tropic rain-and a defined sense of who brings the stars up at night and the sun up in the morning---

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