A rude penetration of truth across the great void

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A rude penetration of truth across the great void

Post by mtmynd » September 8th, 2019, 2:35 pm

deep breathe, asshole

I found myself running short of breath…
this breathing thing gets to be so much fucking work,
just when you think you're transcending this goddamn world
all the pathetic crap that we all deal with day after fucking day
it's no wonder that we try to escape from the mundane daily dose
of goddamn ignorance and idiocy that I see and I know damn
good and well you see it too.. the absolute chaos of living
and living together like we fucking belong to each other
like we belong to this exclusive club that nobody can afford
but we all pretend to fit in and talk with each other about
crap that none of us really give a flying fuck about after we
leave the club and wander down the parking lot looking for
a way out of the madness that we all are part of... it's enough
to take my own breath away like it was intentional to avoid
breathing, as if I was trying to suffocate myself with a pillow.

please! please! i heard myself screaming out ... please!
but nobody gave a shit. most of all I didn't give a shit.
I can't believe it.. I mean why in the name of Bonzo Galorra
would anyone want to live like we do? I'm not talking about
living here in that so-called favorite chair we like to park our ass in...
no I'm talking about living the day-to-day existence looking
out for the next fucking moron to piss us off.

it doesn't take a goddamn philosopher to spout off why this is
but only that this is the way it is so fuck you if you don't like it.
and I have my moments, brother, when i don't fucking like it..
not one goddamn bit... and that's just the way it fucking is...
and then it happens... that loss of air... gawd! i want breath…
not just lousy, stinking, everyday breath but pure air
from the entrails of Gaia the Giver of all things on this goddamn planet
we're so fucking crowded into and dying to breath just a breath...
just one fucking breath of pure, unadulterated air that has been
here for eons before we, the mother fucking human population,
took and abused and shit all over and stole from and crapped and
pissed all over like this one once-beautiful planet was a goddamn
fucking piece of shit that was in our way and we were going to
kick its ass until Gaia gave us every goddamn thing we wanted
and them some but no! we stop just short of breath and gasp!
choking on our own vomit as we get dizzy and pain mounts in us
and we get scared.. so fucking scared that breathing...
(any fucking gasp of breath) we'd pay a goddamn fortune for
just one more minute of living...

one more moment of life and then, and only then,
we get a mother fucking realization that this..
this world we've pissed and shit all over...
this is it! baby, there's no place else to go... zero.

breathe goddamn it... breathe deep, you son-of-a-bitch...
this is all you are going to get until your goddamn lungs surrender.
and if your so fucking useless that breathing somehow just
isn't goddamn enough for your ego living bullshit then may i suggest
taking that piece of soiled and stained pillow that you lay
your chaotically charged head on looking for sympathy and understanding
and place that pillow over your goddamn nose and your goddamn mouth
and just once... just one time... pretend: this is you last breath.

it just may come true... it just might... you might feel pressure being
applied to your nose and mouth that makes you piss in your pants
and wriggle and jolt with fear like you've never had in your life
and you won't know who is behind that pushing pressure holding
that goddamn pillow over your nose and mouth taking away your
breath... until it's gone. breath is no more... extinguished
along with your fucking life that your never were sure of what to do with...
along with all the rest of the bastards that have fucked with you
because you fucked with them and never fucking knew it... asshole.

(whew! that was sooo much needed. damn! my blood pressure has now normalized)

Cecil B. Lee \*/
Allow not destiny to intrude upon Now

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Re: A rude penetration of truth across the great void

Post by mnaz » September 8th, 2019, 10:14 pm

Well said Cec. Escape from the mundane!..

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