Kesey Sings........For You

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Kesey Sings........For You

Post by Scootertrash » December 2nd, 2005, 4:04 am

with all the yak goin' on around the upcomin' 40th anniversary of the infamous Acid Tests I thought it'd be cool and or interesting to go back in time to March of 1966 and revist the weirdness...

So, without further ado.....Here's Ken Kesey performing his original compostion all ya gotta do is open the link, download the song and it should play(if it doesnt let me know and I'll screw around with it, okay? okay}:

Tarnished Galahad ... KY9WBYUOJC

Down to five pesos from five thousand dollars
Down to the dregs from a lip-smacking foam
Down to a dopefiend from a prizewinning scholar
Down to a hut from a from a five acre home.

What people once called a promising talent
What used to be known as an likeable lad
Now hounded and hunted by the laws of two countries
And judged to be only a Tarnished Galahad.

Tarnished Galahad -- did your sword get rusted?
Tarnished Galahad -- there's no better name!
Keep running and hiding 'til the next time you're busted
And locked away to suffer your guilt, and shame.

Voices: Ken Kesey and Hugh Romney
Guitar: Ken Kesey
Violin: Dale Kesey
Organ: Jerry Garcia

Engineering: Steve Newman, Ken Kesey, Mountain Girl
recorded October 2, 1966
The San Francisco State Acid Test
Whatever It Is Festival
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
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