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Born of two poets in Denton,Texas in 1973, the Mighty AngelBull Vibrational Band has morphed over the decades into a Blues monster with lyrics that would titillate the most diehard Beefheart fan; Heaven's bull in Earth's china closet. Now the members of the band have been more or less on board all along--sexy Rex Hood on the drums and Jim (JR) Russell from Bristol, England on guitar--except for David Frame who played early on with Stevie Ray on bass. The one poet now is Joey Badmouth Lemming, to some the Brahma of San Antonio. Mam'selle Carol is the best dancer there is. Comin' from beautiful Big D, where homogeneity is luckily for other folks, the beat goes on and on and on.
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Annie Benjamin
Annie Benjamin is an accomplished singer songwriter, flute player and guitarist. Tunes "The Muse" and "Snow" – lyrics, music and vocals by Annie Benjamin.
> Annie Benjamin's website

Michael Bonnano
I write what might be called classic rock, folk rock or indie rock. In reality, I've dabbled in what used to be called folk music (is folk music still around?) and also some country music. I provide all of the sounds on most of my songs.

I play an amplified Takamine acoustic guitar. That is, by far, the most expensive piece of equipment that I use. I play a Fender Jazz Bass, middle of the road quality. Next, there’s my inexpensive Fender Stratocaster, model MZ4142558 electric guitar. I use it for electric guitar solos, obviously. I also use it for electric rhythm guitar and slide guitar. I sing through maybe the second most expensive piece of equipment that I own, a Shure Beta 57A microphone. Fairly pricey, that, for me, at least. The sound card that I’ve got installed in my PC is a Creative E-MU 0404 USB external system. It’s a fine sound card. There rest of my instruments evolve from my Casio WK-3700 keyboard. I play keyboard instruments such as harpsichord, piano, organ and others directly on the keyboard. Brass sections, string sections, reed instruments, solo horn instruments, banjos and others are played using the keys on the keyboard. They are not played automatically.  I do not program anything to play the music for me. In fact, I've not quite figured out the benefits of midi yet.

The closest I come to cheating is in the area of percussion. The keyboard includes a number of drum rhythms and tempos from which I can choose.  I don’t settle for just one rhythm for an entire song. I switch among several rhythms and fill-ins.  Anyone who’s ever produced percussion in this way should appreciate what I’m saying. I use an excellent mixing software, Sony Acid Pro 7.0.  Not only does Acid allow me to infinitely reproduce my instruments, but also I can reproduce my voice in such a way that I could conceivably compete with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Here's a link to my CD "Life, The Musical" -

Linda Joy Burke
Linda Joy Burke is A 2002 Distinguished Black Marylander  Award recipient for Art from Towson University’s Office of Diversity and 2004 Coca Cola Company/NFAA Distinguished Teacher in the Arts nominee, and a 2004 Poetry for the People  Baltimore Legacy Award  recipient. She has published poetry, fiction, op-ed columns, reviews, profiles and feature stories in newspapers, literary publications, journals, books and anthologies including: The Little Patuxent Review, Obsidian II Black Literature in Review, Black Issues Book Review, Beltway: An On-Line Quarterly, Healing Design; Practical Feng Shui For Gracious Living, Gargolye 54, and When Divas Laugh.

Linda has performed at readings sponsored by: The Howard County Poetry and Literature Society, Columbia Festival of the Arts, Baltimore Book Festival,  The National Black Women's Health Conference, National Poetry Therapist Conference, The Association of Women in Psychology Conference, Common Ground on the Hill Music and Arts Festivals, Baltimore’s Artscape,  and a variety of venues in the mid-Atlantic region that are too numerous to mention. She is consulting editor to The Little Patuxent Review literary and art anthology. 

Poems which will be played on Ardio8 are“No Time To Waste”, featured on Carolyn Malachi’s Revenge of the Smart Chicks II Ambitious Gods CD, “Le Pointe D’Appui,” or the Point of Support, featured on The Road less Taken, The Saint Valentine Sunday Poetry Marathon 2001 CD – Curated and Produced by the Spectrum of Poetic Fire Reading Series at Maryland Institute College of Art, and “Leaving Suburbia,” featured as part of the Word Up Baltimore CD, Curated and produced by poet Blair Ewing in 1997.
> Visit Linda's blog > Visit Linda's Blogspot > Follow Linda on Twitter

Chris Chandler
Poet and storyteller Chris Chandler travels the country to perform his unique, engaging, and often hard-hitting humorous social commentary. If you get a chance to see him perform live, don't miss it!
>Visit Chris Chandler's website > Accompanied by Paul Benoit

Mark "Wireman" Coburn
Poet and wire sculptor Mark "Wireman" Coburn performs with the Raga Celtic Delta Blues Band. "Galaxy" was recorded with the band at Birdhouse Studios in Baltimore. Words, vocals and percussion by Mark Coburn.
> Mark Coburn's Myspace - Phantom Dewlling Place

Peter Cowlam
Peter Cowlam is a UK-born poet, novelist and playwright.
> Peter Cowlam's website

Singer-songwriter James Alred, aka James Farethewell. THE POET LAUREATE OF BIZARROVILLE! Unless you are a rattlesnake or a stinging scorpian, you probably never heard of where James Faretheewell comes from but as soon as he was big enough to sling a guitar over his shoulder and thumb down a semi, he was on his way to Big D (Dallas, Texas) where he cut his musical teeth on Texas road house rock, hard rock, punk rock and avant gard performance art-rock. Then years in Austin, Amsterdam, The Great Northwest, influences from Frederico Lorca to Louis Armstrong, Bowie, Ani Difranco, Lennon to the Gypsy Kings and an evolution into poetic, passionate, theactrical acoustic performance has matured James Faretheewell into an engaging, thought provoking entertainer. Notable Texas bands were "ICE9", "JOKERS WALTZ", "WILDFLOWER" and "VISIONARY INDIAN ANGEL". In Amsterdam he fronted the group "HYGORA" and performed solo. On the west coast, he resurrected the band name "JOKERS WALTZ" as an acoustic group with violin. James, now based in Portland Oregon, is currently performing, recording and touring.
> James Farethewell on MySpace

Jeffrey Frederick
"Lazy Bones" - Radio8 Show #4 - July 2009 - Jeffrey Frederick/ Happy Valley Music, BMI. Jeff Frederick: Guitar and Vocals, Jill Gross: Vocals/ R.Willie North: Percussion, Richard Tyler: Piano, Ted Deane: Horns, David Reisch: Bass, Robin Remaily: Fiddle, mandolin, and lap steel guitar. Played with permission from copyright holder Kathryn Frederick, Frederick Productions.
> Visit Jeffrey Frederick's website > Frederick Productions website

The Holy Modal Rounders
The Holy Modal Rounders were an American folk music duo from the Lower East Side of New York City which started in the early 1960s, consisting of Peter Stampfel and Steve Weber. Their unique blend of folk music revival and psychedelia gave them a cult-like following from the late 1960s into the 1970s. For a time the band also featured prolific and famous playwright and actor, Sam Shepard.
> More about the Holy Modal Rounders on Wikipedia > Buy Holy Modal Rounders music on Rhapsody

Lasse Dahl & Jugglers Ink
The real jugglers Ink. We’ve been going on since the deepth of time. If some of you dived into the ocean fall in the mid 96 autumn.The four of us like Desert lions searching for their Desert Queens. Making Melody Creem Pies for all the Dreadlock Saras of the world. The Zoological issues comes knocking. The Proclamation of life and how to surrender sleeping next to sub sea bicycles.

Jørgen Lauritzen is the drummer. Marte Amalie, the new member, prudence vocal and percusion. Lars the bas man, theres issues, but somehow... 13 years. Per Sverre Mobech Hansen wrights most of it. Doing the piano, keyboard, the synth, whatever you call it. And there is Lasse on the guitar. And it is a Gibson Les Paul. They all come from the same town, rarely ever mentioned on tellevision. Its almost like Livin’ inside a cloud. And Per and Lasse went to school together in their prime. Growing up on that Island in the little big town of Moss, Norway. Just next to the capitol of Oslo. They just released their first album, “My ego and what rots within.” Now they will soon be touring, getting out. Coming down. Songs about showing Responsibility to your family, hasn’t quite caught the big attention yet. Neither the German ones about the commissary Derrick or the Spanish “Tango of the devil“. Then again. Not many have heard’em. And those who have… well, they’re coming down to the shows. And the word ‘apehit’ has been mentioned on several occasions of the aftermath. The weird thing is, it don’t seem to be any boundaries of age, social class or sexual preferences. They all seem to exhale on these special nights. Their’ no different form the band.

And so, Many (newspapers of moss, well both…) has tried to label the rebell sound. But the rebels aren’t label lusty adaptive. The references heard from an audience could be: The Clash, Queen,The Bonzo Dog band, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Berthold Brecht, Frank Zappa. Pink Floyd and of course the odd Syd Barret mumble. Now, like they say, Everything will change for a second. Now, they come down. Letting the Sun Shine out. Even the rain has a different colour in Moss.
> Jugglers Ink on Myspace > Jugglers Ink Website

Barry Gremillion
“Blackheart Wine”, “Fire in the Lake” & “Hiroshima” are all pieces from a radio series I wrote and produced in the 90’s for the Pacific Radio Network. “Give Seven” is a song I wrote in response to the classic Paul Desmond penned song “Take Five” made famous by The Dave Brubeck Quartet in 1961. “Only in the Movies” is a song I wrote in 2008 with a sound collage I added today 2-23-2009 of course with the voices of Bogart and Bacall from classic films. “Pucker Up” is a song I wrote a few years ago and is included on my outstanding CD release "In The Court of Birds"
> Barry Gremillion's website > Barry Gremillion on YouTube > Barry Gremillion Location Manager "The Doors"

Judih Weinstein Haggai
Presently living on Kibbutz Nir Oz in Israel. Writing since I could write. My work is an expression of where I am physically as well as with whom I may be hanging out. I work best in jam situations, but I have been known to channel poetry when I'm with emotionally charged friends. When Tragedy Strikes and Notes on How to Go On are examples of that. These two were more or less channeled as I spent time with a friend who lost her husband to suicide.

"Cry Sis" and "Battle Cries" are pieces born from living in a war-zone. My kibbutz is right beside the Gaza Strip, and the political overtones sometimes overwhelm. As a teacher of English to students who are often troubled and sometimes learning disabled, I find myself in a number of predicaments. One is 'Another Student Erupts' a true story! My feminine nurturing side often leads to feelings such as 'A Feminine Predicament'. The blues take their toll: 'Refrain from the Black and Blue blues' took its lead from friends who stayed too long in abusive relationships. They're out, thankfully, but those blues hang on.

"7 Thousand Miles Away" is a how I feel being so far away from family and friends back in North America.
"Frustration" was written for my son, a perfectionist and a musician in a world filled with far too many fools.
Ego Sandwich with Hubris on the side is me gaining a little perspective as I wander through my 50's
Keep Me is done in fun! Let there be good times, many more.
> Judih Haggai's blog Let My People Know, Talk about it now > Judih's Word Jam Site - Thistles & Marigolds > Email Judih

Beth Isbell
With "innovative tunes that exemplify the braggadocios-ness that is Texas music," transgender alt-rock singer-songwriter Beth Isbell "redefines 'dark' as a plausible blend of the psychedelic and the acoustic." - Lucky Boyd, My Texas Music

"As a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist, Beth Isbell certainly leaves her mark wherever she performs. Her unique mix of blues, rock, and folk music as well as her passionate performances have won over audiences across the Midwest. Enjoy a special performance from an artist who truly is one of a kind." Oklahoma Film & Music Office, Best Events Guide, April 2008
> Beth Isbell's website > Beth Isbell on MySpace

Barry Kooda
Barry was born on December 18th, 1952 in Austin , Texas . After 11 unproductive years of public school in Irving, Texas, he joined the Army and volunteered for duty in Viet Nam. Luckily for him, he was sent to Korea instead and was honorably discharged in 1974 . In 1975, he joined Dallas band the “Nervebreakers” and opened shows for the “Ramones”, the “Police”, the “Boom Town Rats”, the “Clash” and the “Sex Pistols”. After the Pistols show, Barry received international attention when his picture appeared in the March, 1978 issue of Rolling Stone . After 6 years with the “Nervebreakers”, Barry formed the “Barry Kooda Combo” and then “Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!”, opening for the “Circle Jerks” and others . In 1989, Barry saw one too many bad art shows and set up an anti-art show, "Stamp Out Art: Anyone Can Do It". Im making the fourteen tongue in cheek works, he started to like carving in slate and began to study and steal ideas from cave paintings. In 1991, Barry formed the “Cartwrights” with Alan Wooley and Donnie Ray Ford and in 1994, Barry joined with Al Jourgensen of “Ministry” to play at the Bridge School benefit with “Pearl Jam”, Neil Young and Tom Petty . In 1998,Barry released a solo CD entitled "Crossin the Line" to rave reviews and is receiving nation wide airplay and actually hit the top spot on charts in Belgium. Collectors of Barry's art include Al Jourgensen, the Dallas Arboretum and the Science Place.

Barry makes his living as a rigger, carpenter and stage hand for I.A.T.S.E. Local 127 in Dallas and has done working tours with Fleetwood Mac, The Dallas Symphony and others. Barry's always looking for the next oportunity so drop him a line if ya got work.
> Visit Barry's website > Barry on MySpace > Barry Kooda on Twitter

Woody Lissauer
Woody Lissauer is a lifetime full-time professional who writes, composes and produces his own songs from his home of Baltimore (US) and performs them locally and internationally. He brings decades of passionate musical and literary exploration and a lifelong obsession with language(s) and aesthetic beauty to his song-craft.

Born into a musical family, Woody was infected early on by his father’s love of music in all its forms. He began playing guitar from the age of six and never stopped, with the result that the fingers on his left hand are noticeably longer. An innovative and virtuosic guitar player, he opened for Steppenwolf while still a teenager. As an adult, he toured widely throughout North America and Europe with Chrysalis Record’s Laura Hunter, A&M’s Gordon Michaels, Lifesong’s Crack the Sky, new wave pioneers Multiplex and Strangelove, US Bang (warming up for Kix and Aerosmith’s Joe Perry) ..boards with Pebbles and the Bam Bam Boys in front of 81,000 people, on bass with Maryland’s 1 country band (Alamo Band), and many other acts.

Simultaneously, Woody founded an original music project called Cubic Feet, recording with Procol Harum keyboardist Peter Solley turned producer (The Romantics, Oingo Boingo, Peter Frampton) and engineer Shelly Yakus (Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks) what would eventually be four CDs, supported by a Warner publishing deal, cracking charts with broad North American radio and video airplay.

As the owner/operator of a recording studio, Woody has produced countless young acts and also used the facility to develop an experimental approach to song building. Exploring more instruments from around the world and twisting the studio equipment to new uses, he has infused his solo CDs with his self-styled ‘Astro Folk’ sound. He brought in his sister, well known UK fiddle/banjo player Kate Lissauer and a host of unique musicians, personal friends from a life in the biz. These CDs, the eponymous debut CD and its “War and the World” companion, span a broad range of musical styles with lyrical beauty and musical form that startle reviewers, entrance new listeners and continue to mesmerize fans. Woody wins accolades as much for his vocals and wonderfully evocative lyrics as for his dazzling guitar and instrumental work. A voice of vast range described as “deeply affecting, sometimes growling, sometimes soaring”, Music Monthly declared his self-titled CD a “musical masterpiece” and characterized it as “Music You Must Hear!”

Woody’s song “Roses” has won him particularly high acclaim, leading off the Baltimore Songwriters’ Association’s juried compilation CD and winning a spot on Static Chain’s ‘Best of Baltimore’ CD. Woody's new song "Hard Times" is included in his new CD by the same title.

During live performances, Woody’s love of people and off-beat sense of humor quickly grab the crowd. His personality and excitement about music fill the room as do the new show’s folk and classical guitars, banjo, dulcimer and other interesting instruments.
> Woody Lissauer website > Woody Lissauer on Myspace > Woody Lissauer on YouTube > Woody Lissauer on Rhapsody > Woody Lissauer Links

Carolyn Malachi
Baltimore vocalist, producer and uber smart chick Carolyn Malachi is back with her second CD "Revenge of the Smart Chicks II: Ambitious Gods." Malachi describes her brand of music as "haute eclectic soular blues." Malachi, who is the great-granddaughter of jazz pianist John Malachi, has created her own modern infectious gumbo of jazz hip hop and spoken word. ROTSC II is the stirring and genre bending follow-up to her 2008 debut "Revenge of the Smart Chicks." The first project spawned a movement, blog and the non-profit Smart Chicks Inc. The organization is dedicated to developing visibility and leadership opportunities for women in the arts.
> Carolyn's website

Susan Marie
Susan Marie is a Freelance Journalist, Public Relations Executive, Radio Producer, Engineering Technician and published author. As a media correspondent, she writes music, film, art, book reviews and pre press weekly. She connects artists with venues, business with community and people, as a whole, together to bridge the gap between all cultures through media. Susan has been featured at venues in New York, translation of her work in Hindi, and invited to Chandigarh, India as a featured poet. Susan is listed 2009/10 Cambridge Who's Who of Professional and Executive Business Women and is a panelist at the 2009 International United Democratic Committee on Media Relations. All inspiration comes from her son, her fellow artists and God.
> Susan Marie on ThinkTwice Radio > Susan's website

Luigi Monteferrante
Luigi Monteferrante is McMonty, a Canadian Ensemble of Music & Poetry. Poetry published, or forthcoming, in:  Orbis, Faraway Journal, Neon, Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine, Yellow Mama, Word Slaw, poetryfriends, Poesia/Indiana Bay, kudoswriting, Sonar4, Poet’s Ink Review, The Battered Suitcase/Vagabondage Press, Twisted Tongue, Danse Macabre, Language & Culture, Kritya, Burst Now, MOTEL 58, greenbeard, GLASS Poetry Journal, WOW, EWR. Previous short stories published in Chicago Quarterly Review (2), Happy.

First novel, At the Hearth of the Devils Lair, followed by 2000-mile book tour on a VESPA scooter through Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, Annapolis, Baltimore, NYC in 2002. Available at: Luigi's Debut Album Coming Soon!

Airplay 2009: Radio Fleet FM's Dirty Wordz Show on set lists with Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Patti Smith, Lou Reed - 7 songs in six consecutive weeks. Also, EWR and Burst Now! Originally from Montreal, Canada, Luigi lives in Italy. 
>Luigi on MySpace >Luigi on CBC Radio3 >Visit Luigi Monteferrante's website

Jacob Newkirk
Jacob says - "I came to writing in 2004, I wanted a voiceover for a short movie that I had some years ago. When I finished the voiceover I found that I had a few lines that looked like something, so I kept working. In the spring of 2005 I started attending meetings of Poets Ink at B&N in Pikesville and with the help of Hugh Burgess and Kathie Corcoran my work has begun look better on the page. 2006 self- published my first chapbook They Called the Wind Mariah. In the fall of 2007 released my second book Don’t Keep the Secret. With the release of Sandwich Shop Oracle, I now have five chapbooks. All of my book projects come with an audio disk. I have taken part in a number of readings in and around Baltimore and I host the Ransom Note Poets on Sundays at Café Latte’da. Chiefly my teacher has been trial and error. My best and most supportive guide on the road to becoming a writer is my friend and teacher Leslie Peace Jubilee. With her help I have published five works of my own and one project for Rachel Katz as well as one for Leslie Peace Jubilee. Aside from my self-published work my poems have appeared Poets Ink and Hidden City Quarterly. I have had help and encouragement from the members of Poetry in Baltimore. While I pretend to be a poet, my real love is photography."
> Jacob Newkirk's Google profile

Jenni Mansfield Peal
Original Urban Folk and Swing. Dallas, Texas musician Jenni Mansfield Peal released her first album of original songs, Big Wind, in 1992.  The title song of that first album alluded to her previous two years: divorce after ten years, winning the Dallas B.W. Sevenson songwriting contest, starting a music career on her own.  As the years went by, Jenni continued to write through times of struggle and triumph.  In 2004, Jenni released her next collection of original songs, Flood.  Having found and married her photographer soul mate, Tom Peal, she was able see her life and music from a new, higher place.  Now Jenni sings regularly in her folksinger tradition, as a traditional children’s music performer, and with her new swing trio, The Hi-Lifers.  Listen for more hip swing and quirky, world-wise originals from Jenni in the future.
> Jenni's website > Jenni's MySpace > Jennie's other MySpace > Download & purchase Jenni's recordings & albums

Doreen Peri
Doreen Peri is Radio8's host. Show #1 - "Deathrap" Words and vocalsby Doreen Peri, music by Barry Gremillion. "Ahh, the Net" Words, vocals and music by Doreen Peri. Show #2 - "If it Ain't Got Passion" - words by Doreen Peri. Doreen's poetry has been published in several literary journals and in various places on the web.
> Doreen Peri's website

Jym Ponter
Jym says - "i'm the skinny kid who hit is head a lot but never got brain damage and was in punk raucous band with my long fingers and my monotone waste of a voice. then i learned to use it and was fuck singer with a kiss and lunge and an unvarnished acoustic body at my hip. and i was never hip or cool enough to be shot on television but nevertheless turning myself into a broken ideal with every turn of the wheel. i sit on highways and over here we call them roads and i was the skinny kid who sat on highwaysÖ over here we call them out into the open when weíre too malnourished for forests and too copious with our lethargy for the factory flash. so sometimes i would get up and walk the roads of this town whilst wishing it was the rivers i was licking and maybe the girl under streetlight blowing smoke in my somnambulism or chewing on my tacky alchemy all the while raving about how skinny i am and how easy it is to be a groupie with the cruel kids and all the while iím wondering whoís fucking with my vision. over here i call it preposterous and if anyoneís gonna chew the dirt to get closer to me its me.

i'm the skinny kid who wastes poems and turns on light switches and takes a black and white camera to most fields and canals because most fields and most canals smell like apparitions and iím too crazy to argue... too cocky to subdue... too mellifluous to border on guarded. i was never the same after the music started/after the music stopped. i was never to blame eitherand always fumbling around my untidy walls for paper scraps and beer bottles. all the while wonderin where in the world is the starlight when you need it on overturned street. an upturned can of petals still sticks in my throat. the vision still remains mine. i love that no-one else sees it and yet everyone that hears it chooses to love it. and i love that i aint that great. a genius yes.. but not that great

and i canít hold a candle to flammable surfaces without the whole fucking roof comin down and the poetry of my peers is so nauseating iíd rather love them for their poverty and forget them all the same. i'm the skinny kid who winds off sentences like they were garbage and rummages through them like they were gold. and i smell clean and pure under my dirty hair and my shelf life is burnin like my attics. trembling in decanted dust.. the pious decanter of incurable mantras. calling it with the lips that recognise a world of trees. a belladonna iris shifting in the calloused socket.

which brings me to my point. to my stories climax.
to my dance in the broken glass traps of yore...
to our health and the houses of our health
to our death and the flowers that theyíll burn
in disdain for our enchantments."
>Jym's My Space > Jym's The Gods Were Convicts project on MySpace

Tom Principato
Tom Principato has spent the last 40+ years as a guitarist and singer based in his hometown of Washington, D.C. In the 1970's, Tom was leader of the legendary band Powerhouse, an East Coast phenomenem who released an album "Night Life" to critical acclaim. Tom also did a one year stint with Geoff Muldaur and recorded an album "I Ain't Drunk" (Hannibal/Island Records 1980) with the band Geoff Muldaur and His Bad Feet members of which included Andy Stein (Asleep At The Wheel), Mark Kazanoff (Earl King) and Sarah Brown (Lou Ann Barton). Tom has also done brief stints with various acts including Billy Price And The Keystone Rhythm Band, Big Mama Thornton, Sunnyland Slim, James Montgomery, and a group called The Assassins with Jimmy Thackery, former guiatrist with The Nighthawks. Tom appears on two albums with the Assassins, "No Previous Record" (1986) and "Partners In Crime" (1987) which won a "Wammy Award". In 1984 Tom began a solo career, notably recording a live album with the late Washington guitar legend Danny Gatton titled "Blazing Telecasters". This album was considered by The National Academy Of Recorded Arts And Sciences (NARAS) for a Grammy Nomination.
>Visit Tom's website and most importantly see him in person! You'll be awed!

Lightning Rod (& the Joy Urchins on some pieces)
Lightning Rod is a songwriter and poet. "Funky Alien" (show #1) words and music by Lightning Rod, soundscape by Barry Gremillion thanks to The Infamous Joy Urchins and Doreen Peri for additional music and vocals. Show #3 "Something's Gonna Getchya" words and music by Lightning Rod. "No Reggae in Texas" (show #4) written by Lightning Rod, performed by The Joy Urchins, Jack Hardesty singing lead. > Lightning Rod's Website

Mr. Troll
"Baby Sez" began as a live recording. I sent the mp3 file to Hoss von Lederhosen and Peevette in Presque Isle, Maine. All the horns are real horns. > Mr Troll's Myspace page

Theda Spracklin
Jazz singer Theda Spracklin is also a fine poet. >Read some of Theda's poetry

Jamie Wilson & The Raga Celtic Delta Blues Band
Jamie Wilson is owner and producer at Bird House Studios in Baltimore, MD. He has played a wide variety of music in the Mid-Atlantic area for over twenty five years. Jamie’s musical experiences range from playing with Da Moronics in the 70‘s, playing such clubs as New York city's famous C.B.G.B's Club to playing with O'Malley's March at the Myerhoff Symphony hall with the BSO. Presently when Jamie is not on stage with O'Malley's March , he can be found playing percussion for The Bobwhites or The Raga Celtic Delta Blues Band, or banging the drums for Shamrock Rooster, and The T.T. Tucker Bum Rush Band. Both tracks: Badger’s at a Circus & Romp in the Woods are from (CD) The Rage Celtic Delta Blues Band recorded in 2006 at Bird House Studios, Baltimore, MD








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