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Lightning Rod

is a poet, musician, songwriter,
and all around around Bad Boy.
He is obsessed with the word and the note.

A renegade born in Yoga Vision, Texas, east of downtown Dallas, with a poetry bone clenched in his gums, Lightning Rod struggled though childhood like the rest of us, endured studies in music and literature but recovered to play the flute. He writes music with subversive intent.


The Principles of Body Sovereignty

1. Every individual owns his body.

2. As owner of his body each individual has the right to decide:

(a) where it is located
(b) how it is housed or clothed
(c) how it is nourished
(d) how it is maintained.
(e) how it is trained or disciplined.

3. As owner of his body each individual has the right to determine what goes into it (food, drugs, organs) and the disposition of what comes out of it (tissue, excrement, work.)

4. As owner of his body each individual has the right to decide what is done to and with his body (sexual relations, medical procedures, physical contact.)
Every individual owns the products of his body (work, ideas, organs, tissue, waste.)




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It would appear that my entire adult life has been beset by the consequences of a simple and basic political view I happen to hold true, this being the notion that I am sovereign over my own body. As a result of my stubborn dedication to this belief I have enjoyed the government's perennial harassment, social and economic discrimination, needless grief and turmoil in my family not to mention my own mental and physical torture

Even as I write these words I am a fugitive from the State due to this belief. It will forever amaze me that what should in all sensibility be a matter of personal hygiene has been teased into the monster of social terror and the tender sore of a political issue it has become. It seems so simple. Like one of those truths that "we hold to be self-evident."-- Life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and, by the
way, I own my body

It is no accident that the foremost of all legal instruments is called the Writ of Habeas Corpus or translated: a document about having possession of the body. This concept is at the very heart of what it means to be free. Who determines where a body is housed and under what conditions is the most basic political issue possible. The angriest sores upon the body politic are found wherever one person(or the government) presumes control over another regarding various matters concerning the body. When we witness hot blood over abortion rights, drug laws, urine or DNA testing, cloning or genetic engineering, health care and similar issues we are seeing manifestations of this same underlying topic--body sovereignty.

It's damn near un-American to follow all the rules. America has always been about 'breakin' the rules' "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary..." What we reach for is a judicious breaking of the rules. And as we become more and more rule obsessed while the society stacks itself in an ever more compact architecture, this spirit of reserved rebellion is almost mandatory for survival. This is why in older and structure-laden cultures graft becomes institutionalized.

Just before the fall of the Soviet Union one of the networks did a very interesting comparative piece on the Moscow police force and the San Jose, Calif. police force. The Russians were understaffed, underequipped and came off looking like Mayberry RFD. San Jose on the other hand looked like Strike Force Vader from outer space, riot clad, shotgun wielding, computer linked, video protected, any cop's wet dream of the future. It was left to the audience to draw their own conclusions as to which country was better equipped to enforce a police state.

I'm telling you that in the name of the Drug War the complete infrastructure of totalitarianism has been installed. There are prison beds just waiting for your politics to get unpopular. Or your sexuality; or your genes. And unless we demand our bodies back our children will pay the price of oppression. Just because our deathhouses have a bed and a needle instead of a shower and a crematorium doesn't make it one whit less genocidal and immoral. How we determine the victims is only a matter of fashion. And in today's world fashion can turn on an internet dime. How does that quotation from some German in the '30s go?--"When they took away the whores I didn't say anything because I wasn't a whore. And when they took the junkies away I didn't say anything because I wasn't a junky...." I paraphrase.

We haven't even begun to see the consequences of the DrugWar culture. Like seeding little PLO's all over the place, it's ultimately reap what you sow for all the commercial rapine and the irrelevancies we persist in teaching in school.

It's a cruel irony that the average guy needing an organ transplant is much more likely today to be saved by the technique should he be able to avail himself of it, but less likely to be able to obtain the proportionally dwindling donor organs. This is where I predict that the Body Sovereignty issue will reach the hot-box. I mean in the area of organ and tissue transplants in humans, as well as the associated genetic engineering, cloning etc. Given the current free-enterprise capitaphilic attitude, which fosters a certain rapine in these areas, I don't like the way things are going. I think things are likely to get ugly in terms of body parts for money. The Tissue Issue. Truly Goulish.

Any American who isn't insulted to his marrow about what has happened to our rights at the hands of the drug laws has not a dick between his legs. And some bourgeois sap mouths this banality as the Rottweiller nuzzles a snout into his crotch,"It's OK. I have nothing to hide." That's not the point, stupid. But it does demonstrate how even well meaning citizens get twisted in this culture of wrong thinking. The point is that when some insipid little customs agent can stick his latex finger up my ass then he can stick it up everybody's ass. And you shouldn't have to be Tina Turner to pitch a bitch about it.

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