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Welcome to The Poet's Eye

Post by Lightning Rod » September 19th, 2004, 2:34 pm

This is where you can see past issues of The Poet's Eye.. This link will take you to recent editions of The Poet's Eye..

The Poet's Eye. is celebrating its sixth anniversary. Since 2004 The Poet’s Eye has looked at American life and all its thrills and spills with the wit, charm and penetration its readers have come to expect. In the tradition of Molly Ivins, Hunter Thompson and Mark Morford, Lightning Rod’s quirky commentary offers a unique and poetic insight into today’s events. The Poet’s Eye has made regular appearances on The Daily Kos, Literary Kicks, Studio Eight as well as numerous and sundry other sites on the web. It takes no partisan positions and has no political ax to grind, just presents insights and possibilities and observations of the world as viewed through the acerbic eye of the poet. With its folksy and irreverent tone The Poet’s Eye always supplies its growing readership with bite-sized buffets of common-sense and good old story telling.

I hope you enjoy The Poet's Eye.


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