Weekend update 4/26

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Weekend update 4/26

Post by YABYUM » April 26th, 2008, 12:52 pm

Mommy takes a road trip

Its nine a.m. and i just watched my pregnant wife to be drive away. she is headed for the coast to attend a friends baby shower. i could have gone, but chose to stay home and have some "man time" with friends of my own. i like the coast and her family, but really wasnt interested in going to a shower. i wont tell you that 80% of the reason i stayed behind is because today is the live broadcast of the NFL draft from radio city in NY. i wont tell you this because i feel bad writing the truth. my wife is understanding though. she knows how football is like mothers milk to my bones. she knows that going out tonite with some guys is a much needed and never done event in my life these days. but fuck it all, i miss her whole face and she just frigan left.

As for the baby update.....the month of may will be the beginning of our 6th month. we are due on august 28. her belly is already gigantic. to imagine a child coming out of her hurts my body. denese is barely 5ft and before baby weighed maybe a buck. she has some days where she tells me that her ass bone hurts. doctor says this is because her lower half is growing and shifting in preperation for delivery....how fuckin incredible is that?

being a new dad is a frightening feeling. i could not have chosen a better partner for the journey. we are opposite in so many ways. most stories i tell her about my travels, she just cannot believe are true, that i am still alive, or that i am in good health. neither can i. Denese spent four years at the U of O getting a degree in early child development. how awesome is that? she works as nanny (until next month) for a 1 year old little girl who absolutely loves deneses unlimited game and craft ideas. I mean, last valentines day she knitted me a sweater. knitted me a sweater! how fuckin awesome is someone who can knit your babies clothes? i know the answer, that was rhetorical. she loves children and loves to tell me that she was put on the earth to be a wife and mother. wich is great, because i've never had either one.

We both decided to have the babys sex be a mystery. i really dont care what pops out, as long as it looks like her. sometimes i dream of a boy and other times i dream of a girl. a boy would be fun, but i love women. i think women are the smarter, more level headed of our species two members. no boy will be able to fool me as to his true intentions, as a son or as a suiter for my baby girl. (i pity the first little shit that tries to date her)

since all this text is being typed with my one, not broken hand...i need a break...

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Dave The Dov
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Post by Dave The Dov » April 26th, 2008, 6:26 pm

"i need a break" you'll be saying that a lot come the baby!!!! But don't let it get to you. You'll make a great father!!!! Candy cigars all around!!!! :D
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Post by mtmynd » April 28th, 2008, 11:26 am

I agree with DtD : "you'll make a great father!" (one exclamation, tho. i'm very reserved. ;))

Denese has some great credentials. you're in good hands, 'allstate.' keep it friendly, keep it honest, keep it interesting...

speakin' of hands, how much longer 'til the hand works again?

mrs. yabyum
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Post by mrs. yabyum » April 28th, 2008, 1:25 pm

that was very sweet, daddy. keep it up and you'll get another sweater.

you weren't invited to the baby shower anyway. no boys allowed. we can't spend all our time together. i needed alone time as much as you did. as much as i missed falling asleep next to you, it was nice to have a big bed all to myself.

i would rather that whatever pops out of me look like you. and i think we need the boy first so he can look out for his sister when we can't. but, whatever. at least we have good names for both. that's pretty much all we can prepare in any case.

i love your whole face.

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